Every Third Apple Music Subscriber Are Dropped from

After Apple music’s three-month trial period is expired is more than a third of all subscribers dropped from, according to Apple.

Apple Music got a bang of a starter with 11 million registered users, all of whom got three months of free cooling-off period to find out about the new music service was worth the money.

A third of the original 11 million listeners, there was recorded a month after the launch, apparently does not believe that Apple Music is 99 kroner per month worth. Apple’s ceo, Tim Cook, can present a total number of subscribers, which now has fallen to 6.5 million.
Immediately, it can be seen as a decline, but it was also provided that a portion of the first subscribers just wanted to use the trial period. Seen on the other hand, it is almost two out of three, who continue to pay for the new Apple music service, and it must also be said to be a quite reasonable results, looking at what archrival, Spotify, performs.

With 6.5 million subscribers now, Apple has thus managed to obtain a customer base that corresponds to the entire 32.5% of the 20 million subscribers, as it has taken Spotify to scrape to himself at 7 years.

An investigation found last month that it was going to be half that did not use Apple Music. It declined Apple and reported that 79% of all the registered users remain subscribed to the service. It was, however, recently the trial period expiration for a large part of the users, and is now seen so the result of those who did not wish to renew your subscription to Apple Music.