EverNote Is Updated on Important News Android

Good news for users of EverNote on Android, a great application for synchronize notes text, audio and images between different devices, whether mobile or not.

A little while ago EverNote It has announced via his blog that is now available version 3 of its application in the Android Market and the truth is that it brings many interesting new features. Let’s review what is what brings this update.

Been to pray but finally they can be manage shared notes books with other users and edit them. A really useful function if we tend to work with more users who use EverNote. In addition, premium of the application users can Download notes books to work with them without any connection.

Speaking of sharing, we can now publish our notes on Facebook and Twitter using their respective applications. In addition we also have the option of sending them by e-mail, and other services associated with the command ‘Send’ on Android.

Another interesting novelty is the possibility of geotag Notes If you want. If we tend to travel a lot option is quite useful especially if sync pictures or travel notes.

Has also been polished a little more the interface of the application as well as your widget that, even though they fulfilled their role truth is that design was a bit poor. The most benefit of this change has been the widget which is now much more attractive.

The premium users also now you can lock pin the notes from your Android device without doing the process via computer. In addition to these new added functions like the possibility of archiving notes off the books and the search engine has been improved.

It seems that EverNote you are taking seriously his presence on Android. However, if we don’t like the way in which you manage EverNote notes always we can resort to other alternatives like Springpad.