Ever Thought of Creating Custom Shirts and Stylish?

The beauty salons and Barber shops have innovated in the forms of communication and relationship with your customers. A fairly traditional segment is living a boiling of new entrepreneurs, technologies, and concepts, with increased competitiveness, everyone needs to engage your customers and improve your experience with the brand. Innovative formats of brand reinforcement and positive experience in souvenir the shop make all the difference when a client will indicate your Barber or hairdresser. Taking advantage of a very interesting concept brought by lounge Marketing Agency, we propose: why your client doesn’t wear your brand?

Consolidate brands like Disney, movie franchises, designers and famous brands always dressed their customers who wander spreading their brands. This agency of Marketing to lounge with your differentiated proposal (more here: 3 amazing actions to transform your salon marketing), believes that the shop represents a style, a way of being, that means that your client dressed with pleasure to your brand! Provided, of course, the t-shirt has a good price, good quality and beautiful.

So the voosolto makes a proposal: bring your right and let’s get your customers! A polo, cotton t-shirt, 1 1 with silk or embroidered! We can help you in choosing the best fabric and style.

Contact us or visit: Voosolto Contact and make your budget.

This initiative already would be worth if the t-shirts were distributed free of charge to customers. But, within that concept, it is sufficient that the t-shirt is sold at cost to customers. An incredible initiative to strengthen the relationship with customers and promote the brand of your barbershop.