Event Lighting

For your event you want to register all drag to create a pleasant and impressive atmosphere for your guests? With this blog post we want to help you in the event lighting to make the right decisions. Because with the lighting at your event there is relatively easy to implement, “WOW!” – To achieve effects.


1. Let the Event Lighting Mystical And Especially Act

Boring light anyone can. You can complete the standard lighting, which may already exist in the location, with interesting accents such as blue or purple-red light, which most still acts, as it would radiate from the bottom up. This is the classic setup for a mystical promisingly looking light. Especially nice is this to advantage when you spotlight in a outdoor plants and trees from below.

Of course it is important that the lights used are wireless. Not only it reduces the flexibility of use, if you rely on outlets. Each cable and any power plug, apart from the risk of tripping, destroys the aesthetics, it reminds one of the vile art, behind every luminous marvel. In addition to floor lamps we advise you to a sophisticated table lighting, this is for example very easily with the well in the Gastronomy as “electric luxury table candles” designated HoKaRé lights feasible.

Extra Tip: Use especially if you also water areas to your advantage, for floating lights. This is, for example, with all LED lighting fixtures of Listofledlights.com is the case. Otherwise you can also floor lamps serve you as close to the edge of the water surface aufstellen- caution, however, that guests can not overturn accidentally this.

2. The ideal event Lighting is Robust And versatile

The already short listed thought the problem of a fragile, “vulnerable” Picking up lighting, we would like to briefly again to the advantage of a particularly robust and weatherproof lighting received.

If we do not talk about event equipment such as stage / concert lighting or fixed wall / ceiling lights, vibrates with the use of lighting concepts with always the danger of breakage. For this reason, filigree designer floor lamps or similar quality lighting fixtures are reluctant used at events (especially since the transportation is not always harmless). You should therefore set for robustness and compactness when choosing your event lighting.

Ideal it is also when the lamp as versatile as possible , and possibly even has different light modes. Lights of Smart and Green, for example, you can not only play slightly the intensity adjust, but you also have the option of different colors of light and even color change and flicker functions. In a multi-day event so you can theoretically welcome event visitors in the morning with a fresh green, day lead with a simple yellow by the program and evening goodbye with a relaxing blue. It is important during major events, of course, that the lighting does not degenerate into work. At this point we are going to do the next one again.

3. Practicality And Usability Versus Aesthetics Always a Compromise?

Many wireless table lamps you have a problem that both the setting of the desired lighting playback and charging caused some effort. Make sure when purchasing your event lighting, make sure that the manufacturer has thought in the design of its products for practical use.

In Smart and Green, for example, we have an enormous light duration and so-called top-up trays which many lights can load simultaneously. We also carry one of the leadingremote control innovations . Newer Smart and Green lights can with a single touch switch synchronously your entire lighting ensemble, whether to toggle on or color or luminosity. The lamps communicate with each other, the signal continues as long as they are to each other at a minimum distance. This is comfort from allerfeinsten- more easily it comes naturally with the Smart and Green rental service , to which we go again separately in the final point of this blog post.

4. Lighting Concepts From a Single Source: Deliver a Coherent Approach

If heterogeneity intentionally is your concept, it is negative in cases where certain elements of your event lighting do not match. Make sure that you always use the same type of luminaire. The lighting for the event must adapt. In a more serious event, you should not use playful lamp shapes, with very small cocktail bar tables, you must remember that the lamp for the parking of glasses must leave enough space on the table.

Extra Tip: Nowadays lighting does not stop at the lamp. In Smart and Green we have for example the numerousluminous objects . Among them not only luminous stool , but also luminous tables , glowing bars , wine cooler , small, large and huge vases and a number of other fantastic beautiful luminous objects. We invite you to simply time to browse a little and to discover ideas that will help you to design a unique and wonderful fit coordinated lighting concept.

5. Attractive Availability Concepts for Providing the right Lighting at the Right Time

You may want to organize once an event or you want to build in-house inventory of event lighting. Decide therefore under which already delivered, structure, setting, collection and charging are in such cases for a rental service, including possible. This way you can focus on your event and do not have to deal with the lighting. Come like to can be legally binding on us. For more information about Smart and Green- rental service you can here read.

Conclusion: An impressive event lighting is now considered more and more to a successful event naturally included. We know that a stunning lighting is not rocket science and will happily help you with our high-tech LED lighting fixtures a perfect light ambience in no time to realize again and again. We would be happy to answer your services be can- Contact us anytime.