Evening Dresses With Feel-Good Factor

Whether an imposing appearance by floor-long elegance, seductive-body-stressed silhouettes or charming insights: you can enjoy undisturbed evenings in these clothes-with a feel-good guarantee.

The invitations for special occasions, in which festive and elegant evening dresses are desired, accumulate particularly shortly before the end of the year. Common dress codes such as “Black Tie” or “Cravate Blanche” provide a framework for your outfit choice, but mainly make it easier for the male guests to choose their wardrobe. Because for woman there is so much to consider.

In order to make you happy and start the day without worries and turmoil in the festive season, we have dealt with the slightly different problems with the right choice of clothes and now offer you the most comfortable dresses for evenings where you are not only outwardly but also from Inside – because you feel comfortable.

Floor-Length Elegance

The giant exit from the taxi, a rain puddle that crosses your way, mastering the steep staircase or quite simple (depending on the fabric volume and texture), a safe and skillful step: Floor-length dresses carry tumble-drifts which are easy with the ideal dress length Out of the way.

If this particularly elegant and imposing version of the evening dress is to be, then every centimeter and its associated risk plays a role, in the truest sense of the word. For the cocktail in one hand and the clutch in the other hand, the amuse-gueule now and then lead to coordination difficulties. To handle your long dress, you needed at least one helping hand. However, with the right seam length, you can avoid having to raise your skirt hem during the evening (you can help with stairs) and lose all the elegance. If the hem is just over the ankle and covers the shoe heel up to a maximum of half, your dress has an optimal length. Here, for example, our size tables help you to find detailed information about the length of each dress. Try your chosen dress best with the shoes you will wear to the dress and the upcoming occasion.

Should you have fallen in love with a dress that is too long for you, the visit to the tailor of your trust would be extremely well invested. So you will neither free the land of the host from woolly moths nor get caught with your own paragraphs in the fabric. A further advantage of the correctly chosen length: your shoe selection is not too short. On the contrary.

To lose this ultimate potential for hopping, however, you risk all the more quickly: If the cut is too narrow, you are in the embarrassment of trying to remedy the continual slipping of the fabric with awkward contrasts.And in a futile endless loop. If the fabric also offers inadequate stretchability, your room for the 4-course Christmas menu as well as everyone else away from small trippel steps. And at the coming Christmas celebration, you can invest your attention more sensibly than in dressing your dress.

With a model, which is not too funnel-shaped and tightly tapered in the area of ​​the knees, you can definitely make big steps. A subtle slit at the back is an additional helper in terms of movement freedom. If you pay attention to the fact that elastane is present with a high proportion in the material composition, your dress offers you a very stretchy stretch and is nevertheless dimensionally stable. And you have even room for dessert after the four aisles.

Deep Insights

Some of them are happy and often with well-calculated intentions, the others rather unintentionally by a wrong movement or a badly sitting model: (too) deep insights.

And so you do not want to spend the rest of your evening with the thought of having the proper fit of your décolleté, we advise you to choose your detail carefully. Special caution is advised here: too deep a V neck or wider round neckline can make unwanted things appear: be it the bra or too much skin to be exposed. Less is more is clearly the motto here, to follow a manly festive event to the unspoken moral code.

Admittedly: a millimeter-centimeter measured line between faux pas and (sustainably positive) memorable performance. However, this can be performed very well – if not even more impressively, because it is rare, and consequently more mysterious-by means of alternatives which can not be underestimated such as a highly closed, transparent, shoulder-free or back-free variant of the detail. For, as we know, a beautiful back can also delight.

Sooner Or Later

To be aware in time of the space in which the upcoming festivities are to take place is clearly an advantage, but you are not spared by a decision which is taken unjustly. The sleeves of a dress are not only decisive for the look you want to wear out, but also for your well-being.

Apart from the often unpredictable effects such as warmth or a cold draft (which can be braked with bolero jackets or stoles in the evening dressing style), you are spoiled for choice: sleeveless, 3/4 sleeves, half sleeves, 7 / 8- Length or long arm? The range of the well-being level extends in a similar way: from uncrowded to attracted – and above all in between. For defined shoulders and upper arms, the sleeveless version emphasizes your preferences without restriction.

If you choose a different version, choose a length that ends at the narrow parts of the arm. The rest is a matter of taste.

Your freedom of movement can be achieved with overlapping models, which smoothly turn your arms, as well as with transparent sleeves or sleeves with lace. At the end of the day, the host finally deserved your most beautiful farewell.

Secret Helpers

The matching bra, shaping and seamless shapewear as well as the right pantyhose are often misunderstood in their decisive potential for the perfect fit of a dress. However, they are almost indispensable for the best possible staging of your evening gown, because they decide the best fit, support and dependable security.

The bra should not only match the size you need, but also match the color and décolleté of your dress in shape and color. For the shapewear is a good quality indispensable, to enjoy a high wearing comfort, which does not narrow. An elegant tights made of fine DEN quality round off the elegance of your dress.
To make your feminine contours perfect, these all-rounder are a worthwhile investment and perhaps just the right thing to present yourself at Christmas time.