Essential Beauty Products for Travel

With the arrival of summer, will immediately want to take the first plane and run away on vacation. Wherever you go, the beauty case can not miss, you will need all the necessary equipment to keep your beauty routine even in travel. To avoid having to buy the products with haste to the airport duty free or at a station, you create it thinking of all needs: skincare, make up, hair care and cleaning in general, being careful, especially if you travel by plane with the sole hand luggage, not to exceed the permitted doses of liquid (100ml / 100g each), which must be contained in one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag.

Kits for skin care

The kit for the care of the skin, should not be missed in any case: a deodorant product to be always fresh in the car, train, plane, etc., you can choose the version that best suits you, for example a practical stick or disposable wipes , comfortable and the lemon scent such as Sephora.

A makeup remover cleanser to remove makeup, better if you opt for the soothing wipes, refreshing and even moisturizers, so will not create problems at the airport, but to remedy any problem of this kind is always good to choose a weekend kit with transparent bag to hold all jars needed to bring the products you normally use, even the scent, thanks to the vaporizer in the handbag!

CC cream, concealer and powder

When you make long trips or frequent, skin tone tends to be duller than usual advice is to avoid the foundation and focus instead on a BB cream or better yet a CC cream, moisturizer and designed to minimize imperfections. And do not forget the powder and concealer, such as Lepo, compact in 4 different shades of color, ideal to give a uniform appearance to the skin, for a complete skincare treatment even for vegans!


For a cosmetic bag lighter it is good to have a multi-use purchase pfizer lipitor product to make up eyes, like a palette that contains everything needed for a complete make up almost: eye shadow, pencil, mascara, blush and face powder. Or if you have a favorite color that applied more frequently choose that and then add all the other makeup products.

Eyeliner e mascara

Indispensable to take on trips even mascara and eyeliner, such as those signed Collistar line Ti Amo 500, the first exclusive design that makes the lashes once more voluminous, elongated and perfectly shaped, fan-out, giving magnetism to the eye.

The second, however, thanks to the fine brush bristles, allows to emphasize the eye area with a perfect and harmonious tract, which does not smudge and lasts unchanged throughout the day.Its formula also respects the fragility of the epidermis around the eyes, thanks to the special micronized pigments that give special brightness and intensity, blue sky perfect for the summer.

Lip balm and lipstick

Traveling lips are stressed, they dry out and make it almost impossible to apply the lipstick, so do not forget to always carry a lip balm or a lip balm powerful moisturizer and sunscreen. Or if you can not do without lipstick, pick one super moisturizer.

Kit for hair care

Each hair type has its needs, create your personal travel kit, choosing from the travel-size products consisting of shampoo, conditioner and essential brush for perfect hair at every opportunity.

Extra products

Traveling is also important to always have perfect nails, a nail file in the beauty case can not miss, the same goes for the hair, in addition to products for washing is important to maintain a well-groomed bend with the hair dryer travel, which often do not find in the hotel or bed & breakfast. And finally, even the teeth need a total hygiene, a toothbrush travel set + toothpaste is right for you!