ESL Benelux Championship League of Legends

Waregem Flanders organize the Young Riders l “equino this year along with the national championship for young people, but also the Benelux championship for seniors. More than 350 combinations participate in the competition, also qualified for the Dutch riders qualifying for the European Championships Eventing. The subject covers parts dressage and show jumping on Saturday in Waregem and cross country skiing spectacle in the castle area in Nokere. This year presents youth L?? equino during the weekend of 3rd, 4th and August 5th its 11th National Eventing! the icing on the cake, organized by the Belgian Championship for Young Riders and the Benelux Championship seniors, so that more than work to see it go. in addition, you can experience the free event for the last part of the park of the castle of Baron Casier in Nokere. last year there were 10 000 spectators each in this spectacle is growing more and more families in an absolute attraction.

Eventing consists of three parts: dressage, jumping and cross-country with natural obstacles. dressage at the point is to perform a predefined route as accurately as possible on the hopping bars can not go and during cross-country natural barriers within the time required, it must be flawless. The combination that succeeds in these three disciplines to do the best wins eventing.
The competition of the youth in l?? equino is the 11th edition, and is considered a major event in Belgium. The organization is already organizing unique in Belgium, the more they will this year the Belgian Championship for Young Riders and the Benelux Championship seniors. A persistent data is mainly that all tasks are carried out by people from the group itself. The obstacles are so in other words, self-designed and self-built. The fact that this event is appreciated by all, we can notice the massive turnout last year as many as 10,000 spectators who came to enjoy this free event offered.
The unique Kasteeldomein Baron Casier to Nokere will once again an absolute value and unparalleled charisma.Riders and spectators enjoy the great atmosphere and the peace that radiates the castle estate. International participants, due to the continued engagement of l ?? equino with his game more and more skiers from neighboring countries. Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Germany. They are all countries where the absolute top riders are present. Since this year we also organize the Benelux Championship Seniors best riders from these three countries will certainly be present in Waregem and Nokere! The Dutch federation must choose their riders to the European Championships Eventing also l?? equino designated as a qualifier.
This year, because the spectacle of the highest order served at the Hippodrome Bloso sports in Waregem and Castle Park Casier in Nokere, especially also for this entire event is offered free of charge. It is an ideal getaway for families. Especially for families with children sports Horse Show is a special experience. This year has also created a real children’s village, children will be able to model it on the many jumps game, a mask assembly,?? while the family in peace and quiet in the game can enjoy.
The peace that radiates infinite nature, beautiful horse, a trained athlete,?? All these factors ensure that the public interest is increasing year after year; so could L?? equino last year during the festival weekend unpacking with 10,000 visitors !!! Also a must for any visitor to our trade stand. A mixture of all kinds of articles where you can just keep going or even brief stop to see something up close??
L?? equino is also known for its beautiful and full festivities. This year, the traditional party on Friday the big name?? E?? equino?? s?? Sensations, where all visitors can enjoy the ambient music and a great atmosphere… For more information about the 10th edition last year, we refer our contribution in this city blog date 30 July and 7 August 2006. The picture gives a picture of obstacles in the pond.
Info Kristof CALLENS, after ten years of the Secretariat for the first time as president.