Equipment for Beach Fishing

Beach fishing has very specific conditions, not only by the waves, but also by the corrosion can cause the equipment. So, knowing how to choose the correct equipment, in addition to providing better results, also saves money, since you don’t have to worry about the constant exchange.

So, check out equipment for beach fishing and discover how to choose them correctly.

Ideal beach fishing rod

The fishing rods are fundamental for the success of the fishery and the ideal is to choose models that have between three and four meters. They should be more long and light to provide a quality pitch and can be made of fiberglass or carbon.

Although there is no ban, ideally the fishing rods non telescopic type for providing better results. In addition, the casting is also important, that is, how the rod will withstand the weight set sinker and bait.

The rest of rod cannot be left behind

The Rod rest must also possess specific settings and, if so, should preferably be of type cylindrical and made of aluminum. This kind of rest is more indicated to resist better the friction and buoyancy made by the waves of the sea and will be even more important as busiest are the waves.

Reel for beach fishing

The reel you will take for your Beach fishing must possess a greater number of bearings – at least 3 – and also possess a good capacity. The fact that they are resistant to corrosion is also important, since it ensures protection against salt water, as well as the weight, which should be as small as possible.

Fishing lines must be thin

On Beach fishing, how much thinner are the fishing lines , the better the results. So, you can choose a line of 0.25 mm with 300 numbers, for example. Another possibility is to put a boot or leader that can be of 0.35 to 0.50 mm along that line thinner, improving the pitch.

Sinker: cornerstone for beach fishing

The sinker is key to ensuring that the line reaches and stays in place of interest in fishing. In this mode, the ideal are the pyramid type gobber sinkers, carambola or, especially, the beach bomb. We must, however, pay attention to the weight of the sinker and the casting stick to prevent damage to the rod. Sinkers up to 100 g tend to be the ideal and work for most fishing rods of paia.

The hook type varies with the strength of the tide

The higher and fuller was the tide, the greater is the recommended size of hook and vice versa. With that, a size 12 hook tends to adapt perfectly to both conditions, ensuring the fish you want.

Other essential accessories

Items such as transport tubes for sticks, scholarships for other transport equipment, scissors and knives are also important for the fishing to happen the right way.

The main equipment for beach fishing include rod, rod rest, reel, line, sinker, hook and accessories, including transportation. Choosing each item within the parameters for the beach, the result is a fishery with better results. Do you have any tips of equipment? Comment and share your experience!

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