Empty Cell Phones Should No Longer Fly

Mobile Phones with An Empty Battery May No Longer Fly in the United States

Cell phone battery empty? Then, you may not fly in the United States. That sounds like a joke, it’s true. The Americans have tightened their guidelines for flight safety. This time it went blank cell generic lipitor side effects phone batteries and electronic devices such as Smartphones, tablets and notebooks, which have passengers in the baggage. Now, these devices only in the pilot may towards United States, when the cell phone battery is charged. And if not? Yes, then the flight can be denied ever.

All those who want to fly in the United States, can be forced the new guidelines of the American transportation security administration TSA according to in the future to turn on their electronic devices and to demonstrate them before they board the plane. Thus, the authority wants to exclude that guests bring a bomb on board, that it has disguised as a mobile phone or notebook.

The new regulation applies “certain airports overseas” according to TSA – what airports are now, does not reveal the authority in its communication. The fact is: If your mobile phone, tablet or notebook, because the cell phone battery is empty, the authority may refuse the flight in the United States to friends and you can in principle “An additional investigation be subjected”. While the TSA doesn’t explain exactly how this investigation to look and to which schema it is above again. Therefore: Above download best the cell phone battery and the battery of all other electronic devices the next flight in the United States, that you take.

The TSA is part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Homeland Security. Only last week Jeh Johnson had declared by the Democratic Party, it wants introduce enhanced security measures on overseas flights. Said done, now we need to load completely all our cell phone batteries, smartphones, tablets and notebooks, before we fly in the United States. According to the DHS they wanted work but that these “necessary steps” interfere as little as possible the passengers. AHA.

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