Eleven City Skating Tour Netherlands

The eleven cities Cross is one of the official awards that you can pinning on official occasions. Skaters can wear the cross on the day of the change of rule. If the skier has won four Day Marches Cross by leaks in the Nijmegen Marches, the Eleven Cities Cross are four cross.


The Board of the Royal Society, made the Frisian Eleven Cities the public in December 2012 at its General Members Verga Ding: The eleven cities Cross is an official award. Who received the cross serves as a sportsman or sportswoman who has made an exceptional sports performance. The Royal Society, the Frisian Eleven Cities has regalia associated with the Eleven Cities Cross, which can be ordered by the owners of the Cross of the association. Ronald PLASTERK Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations in March 2013 Eleven Cities Cross awarded recognition as an official award. Queen’s Day April 30, 2013 is the first day regalia in eleven cities Cross as the official award of the breast should be specified.


The Frisian Commissioner for Queen / King John Jorritsma has made an effort to get around the recognition of the Eleven Cities Cross. His efforts were in consultation with the Board of the Royal Society, the Frisian Eleven Cities.Chancellor of the Netherlands Orders advise the Minister. Following a favorable opinion followed the Minister’s decision Platserk.

Berries Order

The Netherlands has an official document scheme awards described. Be officially introduced in the decision Wear Sequence, which is then published in the Official Gazette, takes some time. Minister PLASTERK announced because the cross already on the day of the change of rule, the last Queen of Queen Beatrix April 30, 2013 may be worn, although it has not yet been in the Government Gazette the decision. The eleven cities Cross in the sequence right after Four Cross, Cross officially called for the marchers skills. This is the price for the protesters who have completed four days Marches Nijmegen. The four officially called the four days Marches.


There is only one instance deliver eleven cities Cross and it is the Royal Society, the Frisian Eleven Cities. Cross is a medal in the form of a Maltese cross. In the middle is a circular shape, as in the enamel coat of arms of Friesland displayed. Cross headed Frisian Eleven Cities. The Dutch honors include several categories. The eleven cities Cross is placed into the category Netherlands Private organizations for an exceptional sports performance.


Who Elfstedentocht has accomplished within the rules of the proposal, may carry the label. It is also called the tape button or drop icing. Skaters get after completing the trek a brand and a uitreikversiersel, the eleven cities Cross with ribbons. The riders in the last Elfstedentocht can order insignia compound, ?? 30, – including shipping costs.Future drivers bear the insignia and cross the tape immediately after the end of the flight. Cross continues to look like it was already getting the new generation of a cross word Royal was added to the text. Since 2009, the association with its one hundred year existence recognized by the Royal Society. Order of ornaments with retroactive effect from 1 April 2013 to 1 September 2013. The decorations will not be presented posthumously.

Decision Wear Sequence Awards

The reported sequence of the awards are settled in cash decision Wear Sequence Awards. The highest award granted award transported with the lowest rank that is closest to the heart.
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