Earrings Materials

There are women who feel like they are without clothes when they are without earrings, not for naught that they are a fundamental part of the composition of a look. Small, medium, large, discreet or flashy, they highlight the beauty and give a very special feminine touch. Check out here all about earrings and choose yours!

History of earrings

The earrings are present in the world for many years. The first signs of this accessory, worn by men at the time, can be seen in archaeological evidence of Persepolis in ancient Persia. Other evidence also are found in Bible records the 2500 BC As the centuries went by, the models were increasingly tweaking and today are used by men and women of various ages. A kind of indispensable accessory.

Types of earrings

There are several types of earrings. Meet some and choose your!

    • Rings earrings: dear to many women, are elegant and perfect for many occasions. May have varied in size smooth texture or material.
    • Small Earrings: Used by women who wish to have a more discreet and classy. Despite the size, are noted and transform any visual.
    • Fringe earrings: Ideal for those who want to highlight the face and makeup one. Has various formats, full of fringe to balance naturally.
    • Pearl Earrings: traditional, are used for work or go to an event. Lend an air of sophistication and high stance.
    • Maxi Earrings: perfect for those who like big, flashy earrings, whether for everyday or for a party, like a wedding.
    • Earrings stones: stones are partners of women and their varied colors make even more beautiful.

Format and finish the earrings

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