Dyrberg Kern History

Now it 29years ago Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern created the brand Dyrberg / Kern. Ever since its inception, and Gitte Henning with outstanding talent, vision, passion and perseverance made Dyrberg / Kern to what it is today, a fantastic brand for jewelery and watches that never ceases to captivate and attract customers. The products create a sense of beauty and sensuality of women around the world who want to express their personal style and beauty.

We at Blingit have been authorized dealers for about 3 years and always offers the latest collections first. We also have a wide range of Dyrberg / Kern classics as models Louise, Noble, Ette, Fratianne, Cyrielle, Conian others. All classic available in various colors such as silver, gold and pink gold.

All models Dyrberg / Kern is drawn and designed in-house and from their studio in Copenhagen. Each collection follows seasonal trends, fashion, colors and materials. After approval by Dyrberg / Kern kollektionsråd so then sent all the sketches and specified quality standards at the factory.

All jewelry is made by hand in a variety of elements from casting, polishing and plating of the base metal cutting and braiding leather by hand, polishing and bezel of semi-precious stones and sparkling crystals. Finally, put the many different elements together into one piece. After each operation is performed a special quality and each piece undergoes approximately 40 different operations and passes through about as many hands before they are ready for sale.

The production takes place in Asia and all subcontractors regularly tests the materials used in their own laboratories.This process is followed closely by Dyrberg / Kern local quality inspectors at supplier factories. In addition, signs all Dyrberg / Kern subcontractors a code of conduct, thereby ensuring Dyrberg / Kern all international laws and EU directives on heavy metals such as nickel, lead, mercury and cadmium are followed.

The main collection uses Dyrberg / Kern advanced ion plating technique commonly used in the watch industry, the advantage of ion plating is that it is environmentally friendly. Water pollution caused by waste water is completely eliminated or kept to an absolute minimum. The plating ensures that you can enjoy for your Dyrberg / Kern jewelery very long time.

Dyrberg / Kern also have a series of jewelry in sterling silver, these are rhodium plating. Rhodium is a very polished and shiny metal that does not become dull or discolored so easily.

The stones used in Dyrberg / Kern jewelery and watches from Swarovski and are of the highest quality, the crystals have a unique luster and shine.

All watches from Dyrberg / Kern Japanese analog quartz movements, protective mineral glass that is durable and scratch resistant with stainless steel. In the case the watch has a leather strap so these perfectly executed by skilled specialists leather and designed for comfort. The watches have a hand polished coating and ion plating of the highest quality. All watches are water resistant to 5 ATM. You could say that Dyrberg / Kern Watches are beautiful both inside and outside.

Jewelry and watches from Dyrberg / Kern is delicate, handmade products. The metal is plated and each individual crystal has infattats separately, that means they must be handled with care. Follow the tips given below, so you can be sure that your Dyrberg / Kern-jewelry lasts a very long time to come.

  • Do not spray perfume directly on glass beads, beads, crystals and metals.
  • Ensure that your jewelry is not in contact with water, skin creams and cleaning agents.
  • Take off your rings before you clean or disks.
  • If your jewelry happen to get wet, then dry them immediately with a soft cloth.
  • Do not wear jewelry when exercising or sleeping.
  • Make sure that your jewelry does not collide with hard objects.
  • Note that the crystals can break.
  • Keep your jewelry in cotton bags or padded jewelry box.
  • Store your jewelry in a dry place at normal room temperature (never in the bathroom or wet locations).
  • STERLING SILVER: If silver is not used regularly, the shiny silver surface oxidize (darken). Oxidized objects can be polished with a soft cloth.
  • The surface of the black oxidized jewelry can wear off eventually, but can be restored by a goldsmith.
  • The gold plating can wear off eventually, but can be restored by a goldsmith.