Dye Hair Grey: No Go or Still Trend?

It was not so long ago that suddenly many women dyed their hair grey. A new beauty trend that can still be seen on the streets and at the stars today. But is the color really still in?

Coloring your hair gray is far from being just a measure to make adults work. The cool look has replaced the blonde style with many fashion fans and made for a fresh breeze in terms of choice. The silver tone is and remains capable of salon, even if the first hype has subsided, so much is fixed.

Hair Grey Coloring: This Is How The Trend Arose

One of the first women to be presented with grey hair was the fashion journalist Sarah Harris. At the age of 16 she lost the pigments and her crest was grayed out. For the trendy young woman no reason to despair – even if she looked so suddenly older. She realized that with waves and a stylish makeup the scorned hair color looked really cool. And many other women also found it and decided to have their pigmented hair dyed in grey. And that, although the lightening is a real ordeal for the hair. Hairdressers therefore recommend only to dye the hair in a light output, and then to pay attention to intensive care.

What Has Become Of It?

Even today you can see women with silver crests pulling through the streets. Meanwhile, however, other beauty trends play with the look and transform it. This way the grey is combined with various pastel shades. Smoky lilac, for example, a mixture of grey and violet, is one of the great hair trends at the moment. The cool colors harmonize with each other – and the Special: The sound is almost everyone.

In terms of metallic tones, however, silver has been taken care of. 2016 is bronze totally announced. For the shimmering colour, reds are mixed with brown, which as “Ronze” provide a radiant look that will surely be seen more often this year.