Dudalina Family Dress Up Challenges

The World Cup peppers their colors and flags on t-shirts. But the party is more in the mind of the attack area of Santa Catarina group formed by Dudalina marks, Female Dudalina, Petit Dudalina, Individual and Base. “We’re going to grow 25% in 2014. For those who have defined strategic paths, as is our case, the holidays shall be without prejudice to the business and serve to relax and have fun. There’s more to life than work, “says Edinho Vasquez, marketing director of the company, noting that the timetable will be well Dour in the second half.
“In our goal to surpass 2013 was a turnover of 502 million dollars and closed the year with 520 million”, details. One of the reasons for the high performance was the opening for retail (in 2010), but it is not intended to abandon the manufacture – the largest factory of the group is in the State of Paraná.

Ilton Tarnoviski, commercial Director of the group, notes that “the shirt is still the main focus, but we have a full mix of jeans. And will keep growing to other universes “. However, I didn’t anticipate details, since between the paths of Dudalina is the entry of American capital and the transition from familiar command.

the good work of the company reveals the 2014 Winter collections, presented in São Paulo Hall Prèt-a-Porter, held this month in the capital paulistana.

Dudalina and Individual offer shirts re-vamped “remix” with new social patterns and colors, Egyptian cotton easy iron finish. Jackets, tricôs, sweaters, pants, Cardigans and poles appear in maroon, gray, green and oil. Crystals and gold-embroidered buttons are a luxury of women’s shirts.
Already the visual Basic can be male shorts (above the knee) to go to the ballad. For men and women, jeans with fancy and diverse work of the laundries of Cianorte-PR.

The cities of Vienna and Los Angeles guide the Collections. But Brazil is the focus. “We have to build a new distribution center in Blumenau, which will suit the company over the next five years. In 2013 we hired more than a thousand people and still have idle space in factories “, situaIlton Tarnoviski.