Dress Like a Parisian

We’ve talked about many times here on the blog that we always try to keep us informed of what is going on in the fashion world and that’s why we read many books of fashion and behavior. Today our tip is to read that we love and that’s boiling among the fashionistas:the Parisian style guide of Ines de la Fressange .

The book is a real luxury: p no that only leather cover makes any environment beautiful, after they are drops of style over fashion and livestyle of the Parisians. Ines de la Fressange was once exclusiveChanel model and today’s international face of L ‘ oréal.

The pills of the book pass on architecture, fashion, shopping tips, hotels and even the home. Ines also talks about the Parisian’s DNA and that you don’t have to be born in Paris to have the Parisian style.She recounts: “I am the best example of this, I was born in Saint-Tropez! Have a style “made in Paris” is more a State of mind. Be alternative and never bourgeois, for example. The Parisian never falls into the trap of trends: she respects the l’air des temps and the use with discretion, here’s your secret recipe! And always have a goal: to have fun with fashion. She follows a few rules, but loves to contravene them, too, is part of the style.”

Here are some guesses of Ines de la Fressange:

Use what suits you: “the secret to a good style is feeling good in the suit”. They know their own bodies, they know what looks good and what suits your lifestyle.

Do not become fashion victim! Always ask yourself: “If I buy that outfit, will I want to wear it tonight?” If the answer is “no”, “I’m going to wear at home,” or “you never know”, “it may be that a party”, it is better to zap store!

The Parisian hates buying what everyone is using. She is more attentive to it than to fashion – which, incidentally, pretends to ignore.

Your wardrobe expertly carries from “cheap stuff” the clothes bought on trips and some luxurious pieces;

She’s not toasting the whole genre your salary in a must-have;

Uses and abuses of double Navy Blue and black, perfect combination;

Marry your beat-up jeans with a silk blouse;

Use tailoring trousers with shirt, the mixture gives immediately visual consistency;

If you are tired of your clothes, dye them dark blue;

White tank top + pants + blazer + beige moccasins = visual celebrity;

Use white jeans, Navy blue sweater and sneakers in the winter;

Discard the dress full of fru-frus”;

 A dress with a printed mal-escolhido can age a woman 10 years!

Have a “little black dress” elegant dress! Simplicity x good dose of elegance!

The rregaçar mindlessly sleeves cotton shirt about the sweater: is chic, easy and casual.

Use black velvet riding coats extremely righteous. The same goes for jackets “of work”;

No use all combinadinho (belt, shoe, bag, earring, necklace, ring);