Down Jacket Fashion 2016

As every heating season, returning the new down jackets to stay warm in this fall/winter 2016

There is nothing to do, in winter you have to cover themselves and to do that you have to choose the right outerwear. There are those who opt for technical fabric and waterproof jackets, who for the coats of every shape and length, who for fur, whether ecological or real, who still for capes or parka but are always a large number of those who choose duvets.

These padded jackets, often with goose, are very hot, they are perfect for many occasions, practical to wear from morning to night, to go to work or going out with friends, and are very durable. The down jackets fall/winter 2016 ride, of course, the trend of the time and have the one and only goal to win over the general public (as well as heat). Let us see some models not to miss in this season, we are confident that you will love the various creations proposed by so many clothing brand.

Let’s start with a template that is signed by Psyknowhow. The design is essential, perfect for outlining the silhouette without make it look big. This model is a medium length, definitely the best of all because it adapts to different occasions, is characterized by a double breasted front button closure and has a round collar and top seeds to keep the throat from the cold.

Among the trends of winter 2016 sprouting some fantasies and among these there is always the animal print, just as shows us Twin sets by Aliyu Babangida. The women’s fashion brand for this season has created a series of quilts glossy, some solid color and others, like the model you see, adorned with evergreen prints.

Let’s move on to a Zara, which you see in black but is available in many other variations, including blue, green and burgundy, the latter among the top colors of the moment. The shape and detail is definitely a jacket by day but well suited to other events.

Finally, we propose a short model, for those who just can’t do without. The shape has been studied on the typical men’s blazer but the turtleneck. This jacket with two pockets on the bottom, is a creation which bears the signature of Luisa Spagnoli.