Dogs Should not Ingest Milk?

Did you know that cow’s milk can harm the health of the dog?See the risks of milk for the health of your best friend!

Are you in the habit of giving milk to your best friend? The dogs, as well as, we are mammals and for a certain period of life feed exclusively through breast milk.However, even when they reach adulthood, many owners are still giving milk for your dogs. But that may be a mistake, you know? Check out some tips on the subject.

There are differences between milk compositions that are produced by each mammal and animals usually have the metabolism adapted with digestive enzymes to soak up the milk, just when they are puppies. Cow’s milk, for example, is sugar-lactose-Rico, but is extremely poor when it comes to proteins and fats to a carnivorous animal.

The Cubs, for example, when they are fed only by cow’s milk can introduce diarrhea, flatulence or even a severe malnutrition, which can lead to the death of the dog or cause serious health damage. This happens because the milk is formed by a excessive content of lactose and contains few amounts of fat and protein.

But the dogs in adulthood develop few amounts of enzymes that digest the lactose and because of this, to ingest the milk may have diarrhea. In addition, depending on the amount of consumption of the drink the dogs may have digestive problems, which hurts their health.

A good choice for dogs puppies are called “milk substitutes, which are processed and available on the market. These foods can be introduced into the puppy food from the third or fourth week of life combined with good quality rations, because they reduce the risk of a malnutrition.

In relation to adult dogs, the best recommendation is to avoid the consumption of milk. In this way, the owner must provide to your best friend a complete nutrition and balanced, that is, high quality!

In this way, the owner should seek to buy rations that provide all the nutrients that the dog needs, to maintain the health, strength and beauty. In addition to a good diet, it is important that dogs do physical activities, so always try to walk next to your best friend.

In addition, any doubt about which dog food to buy and what to give to your dog to look for food the vet. This professional will know to inform the best type of diet for your dog.