Does This Mean Apple iPhone 6 Maybe iPhone Air?

New iPhone 6 Gets Maybe A Curved Display

With the upcoming iPhone 6 that is expected for next year, is likely to bring Apple a completely new smartphone on the market. It is believed the circulating rumors, then the new iPhone 6 could have a 5-inch curved display of Bulletproof glass and are perhaps different, namely iPhone Air.Wie it seems the new iPhone 6 will be finally once again a really new smartphone, which differs significantly from its predecessors. So Apple was granted a patent by the U.S. patent and Trademark Office, dealing with the manufacture of curved touch sensors. Also, the economic news service reported some time ago, that is thinking at Apple over smartphones with curved displays. Samsung and LG have brought out this year of smartphones already with curved displays.

A theme is probably also the resistance of the expected iPhone 6 from Apple. The iPhone 5 s are the camera lens and the Homebutton Sapphire – this glass for the display of the iPhone is 2.5 times more resistant than the Gorilla glass, 5 s is used. Sapphire Crystal is virtually unzerkratzbar. You can rub it on concrete and there are no scratches, so the international business times. According to the news service Apple had paid already $578 million to the company that Sapphire make to promote the mass production. Also the display with the new should grow iPhone 6: Bloomberg according to Apple, the new iPhone 6 with two different displays on the market bringing – one with a 4.7 inch display and one with a 5.5 inch display. Include the name of the new iPhone 6 circulating rumors: according to the iPad air could mean the new iPhone iPhone air.

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