Do You Wear an Apron in the Kitchen?

Long gone fashioned housewives who put an apron and headscarf and begin to rein in the kitchen. If ever they existed? Perhaps it may have been our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.


I remember that my grandmother was a good gift to gift scarf or coat. Not to mention that it was for the apron versatile garment – first, putting an apron not dirty your dress, he in it to carry eggs, potatoes, apples to wipe his fingers, using it as a towel and whatnot.

So definitely there was a period in which the domestic apron was honored.
Nowadays perhaps a majority of women will not even know what that apron. The simplest apron cloth belt that ties at the waist. Well, here virtuoso seamstresses can unleash and to create beautiful gowns of different colored pieces of cloth, decorated with pockets…
So apron has its charm and its practical role. Mostly that protects clothes. Perhaps many of you actually use the apron and do not share? Real foodies should enjoy and apron and bonnet. But how many of us fall into this group? This is interesting.
If you only apron, of course, there may be added erotic value.
So admit it now – do you use apron and in what cases? Judging by that I have not seen a similar item in the stores I think demand is not very big, but maybe lie?