Do It Yourself: a Mirror with Rules

If a few months ago my colleague Rachel taught you to make a round mirror with rules, today I propose a solution for a square mirror which are new rules, in this case of wood. In this model you are going to have to buy many more rules than in the former because they are occupying more space.

Being larger rules, also the mirror occupies more space and you are going to need one of greater dimensions than the previous if you want to make it look between such rule. As always, I recommend that if you just do not convince the market rules personalicéis them painting them over.

Although in the example we see this mirror in a hallway, I think that it would be good for example in the room of children or in a sewing workshop, If you have one at home. The truth is that this craft is quite nice although I understand that it has enough work. As always, if you fancy them to do so we will be happy to see your photos.