Do It You Itself: a Tree of Christmas with a Wreath of Lights

Although Christmas is already over, I bet any of the readers of Decoesfera has still not put her Christmas tree. Today I bring a FIR those who do not occupy space and that are of the most eye-catching in any environment.

As you can see on these lines, the owner of the House has made a Christmas tree with a Garland of lights, by creating a new point of light in the room while you complete the Christmas atmosphere. To do this, you will need a Garland of lights (white, preferably) that sold in many shops all over 100 or, if you want something more specific Christmas, the Ikea Strala.

To place it, I put masking tape that will not damage the wall (which I have tested that I like most is Scotch). Keeping in mind what you want to do, create a tree in zigzag starting by top to bottom so that cables us down to the nearest outlet. Don’t tell me that it is not easy, right?