Diving at The 2008 Summer Olympics

When diving, it was China that almost all parts dominated. Of the eight, seven medals won by the Chinese. It was among the medals for couples Wan / Qin, Guo / Wu, Lin / Huo and Wan / Chen and individuals, Chong Guo and Ruolin. The only gold medal for a non-Chinese was the Australian Mitcham. The Netherlands does not participate in diving. During the 2008 Olympic Games diving competition was held between 10 and 23 August. Beijing National Aquatics Center. There were eight distribute gold medals.

Parts Diving at the 2008 Olympics

  • 3 meter synchronized competition males
  • 3 meter synchronized competition women
  • 10 meter synchronized competition males
  • 10 meter synchronized competition women
  • 3 meter springboard Men
  • 3 m springboard women
  • 10m platform Men
  • 10m platform Women

Ras report

3 meter synchronized competition women – winner Guo / Wu
When women synchronized competition of the three meter board China has its fourth gold medal won at the 2008 Olympics, the Chinese gained 343.50 points. In second place came the Russians J. Pacha Lina / Pozdnjakova with 323.61 points. The bronze medal was for the Germans Fischer / Kotzian who got 318.90 points.
10 meter synchronized competition men-winner Lin / Huo
Lin and Huo has won a gold medal for China. They got 468.18 points and was thus better than the Germans Hausding and Klein, who finished second with 450.42 points. In third place montauk-monster.com/pharmacy/adipex Galperin and Dobroskok from Russia finished with 445.26 points.
10 meters synchronized jump women-winner Wan / Chen
Wan and Chen have for China won the third gold medal in diving. They got 363.54 points. Other Cole and Wu were from Australia with 335.16 points. Mexico won their first bronze medal. She scored 330.06 points.
3 meter synchronized competition men-winner Wan / Qin
The fourth jump was gold for China. Wan Qin received 469.08 points. Sajoetin and Koenakov achieved the silver with 421.98 points. Kvasha and Prigorov from Ukraine took 415.05 points.
3 meter board men-winner He Chong
Again gold for China. He Chong won 572.90 points. Silver was for the Canadian Alexandre Despatie with 536.65 points. Bronze was for Qin Kai of China with 530.10 points.
3 meter board ladies-winner Guo Jingjing
The three meter board for the ladies was gold for China. Jingjing Guo received 415.35 points. Other Julia Pakhalina Russia with 398.60 points. Bronze was for Wu Minxia from China with 389.85 points.
10 meter platform ladies-winner Chen Ruolin
Again gold for China. This time it was Chen Ruolin to 447.70 points. Silver was Canada’s Emilie Heymans with 437.05 points. The bronze was for the Chinese Wang Xin with 429.90 points.
10m platform Men-Winner Matthew Mitcham
Gold for Australia with Matthew Mitcham. He received 537.95 points. Silver was for the Chinese Zhou Luxin with 533.15 points and bronze to Russian Gleb Galperin with 525.80 points.