DiskDigger Tea Will Help Recover Deleted Images If You’Re ROOT

Who has not deleted any image by X or by and your terminal? More likely than any other time we have deleted an image by mistake and immediately has emerged us a sense of powerlessness, defeatism and blame. To help us resolve these errors we find ourselves with DiskDigger, an application that many were waiting for.

The function of this application is very direct and useful, because that will help us to recover images erased our Android with acceptable reliability. This topic has already been asked many times in our answers section and have finally found a solution. But the biggest problem is that many will find some people the need to be ROOT in order to use this application.

When starting the application we have to refresh the list of directories in the terminal to find the folder problems with generic lipitor where the image was to recover. Once there we enter and select image to recover and with a little luck We will recover it without many problems in terms of loss of data and quality. Fast, simple and reliable, what one searches

The application is grim in design but with a utility that many want to be able to use. It will certainly be one of the indispensable for many applications but if we have a very large storage you will have to wait long to be able to retrieve the image, but the wait be worth if we really need it.


  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Defiant Technologies, LLC
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Tools