Discover The Types of Golf Gloves

Today we introduce the different types of gloves of golf that you can find. In the previous post we help you choose your golf gloves!

We explain how to choose the ideal golf glove, now we will focus on various types of gloves that exist for any occasion.

According to, there are three types of golf gloves on the market today: skin, synthetic and hybrid

Leather Gloves

They are the more elastic, which leads them to have the best touch. Leather kept its softness, elasticity and touch for a great number of applications. The downside of these golf gloves is that they have to deteriorate more rapidly than synthetic gloves. Remember that skin gives Yes, so please choose a tight glove.

In the section of your store golf nearest Decathlon will find the new gloves Inesis 500, 100% golf gloves skin, in various colors and are available for men and women.

Synthetic Gloves

They are more durable and more flexible than the skin gloves. These types of golf gloves are commonly used synthetic fur, so it will be aesthetically similar to leather gloves. Synthetic gloves are less breathable than leather, but on the other hand, are cheaper and with one longer life gloves. Inesis 100 synthetic glove, is the ideal glove for beginner golfers and those players who prefer to play with synthetic gloves.

Gloves Hybrid

Hybrid gloves are trying to offer the best of leather and synthetic gloves. Skin in the area of the Palm and fingers, to promote a better grip and feeling and synthetic material in the rest of golf gloves to get greater flexibility and shelf life.

And When It Rains Or It’s Cold?

It is not recommended to play with leather or synthetic when it rains, since you can wear them very quickly. So Inesis offers different types of golf gloves as rain gloves, gloves made of synthetic Suede, a material that the more it gets wet! Most grab! So, you can continue playing while a shower is falling.

There are also winter golf gloves to play golf when it’s cold, with a contact of adapted grip, with backing of polar material and wind. With the uniqueness that these gloves are sold to pairs to have both hands warm and encourage good hits despite the cold. Inesis 500, available for male and female winter gloves will allow you to continue playing with cold weather.