Discover How To Grow Small

The children seem to grow before our eyes every day that passes. We see it in the clothes, that immediately gets them fair.Parents know that a jacket that had well just a few weeks ago, it may be them short sleeves now.

The kids know and live this process with great enthusiasm. They want to be older, grow and become boys and girls how much before, just the opposite that we adults, we want to enjoy his childhood for a long time.

A way of doing this is through the meters of vinyl that we offer at our site of neovideogames.

Fantasy And Growth

Giraffes are synonymous with height, with their endless long necks. A giraffe can be a good reference to know up to what point our children are increasing centimeters. You will love go leaving their marks on the gauge and check as is increasingly less to reach the metro and means that this fun vinyl meter marks maximum. Without a doubt, it will be a reference measure for them and also for us, that we will have to settle for enjoy seeing them grow up healthy and happy and assume that they can not be babies forever.

So you can choose, we currently have three models, one in which a friendly giraffe baby monitors metro which is going to take reference of the height of the child, smiling, pleased by its evolution. The other, a funny drawing in which the pet’s neck is the meter in which the child can be measured. Finally we have another simpler model to adapt to all kinds of decorations.

Easy Installation And Customization

As always, the vinyl from our catalogue are fully customizable, so you can choose the color that you like so that it combines perfectly with the child room decoration. Place the vinyl is very simple thanks to the free spatula that accompanies each one of them and which guarantees that you will be perfectly positioned, without unsightly air bags.

In the case of vinyl with measurements, you have to do to coincide with reality so that the metro is really effective. For that we have to measure from the floor and mark where you are underground and where the meter and a half to have at least two references. When you place the vinyl, we should just be careful that match the meter measures the references we’ve put on the wall. In this way we will measure the child in a precise way.