Director of Flamengo Promises to Pay Gloves

Luiz Augusto Veloso says case of Deivid, who receives no right to image for 18 months,is treated separately and wave backup

The Vice-President of Flamengo’s football, Luiz Augusto Veloso, who until last Friday had granted no interviews in London claiming, via consultancy, do not have “news” saying, stopped for a long chat with the press at the end of the day this Saturday. Promised reinforcements in a short term and the payment of delayed gloves of the players before the match against Real Potosí in Bolivia, 25, the day more than 4000 meters above sea level. The case of Deivid, there are 18 months without receiving their image rights, debt that R $4.5 million, will be treated separately and the amount will probably be in installments.

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Veloso said still believe in the Manager of Thiago Neves, Leo Rabello. The agent claims he is unaware of any arrangement and trust in “your” player. On board, however, confirmed that the Club threw in the towel. The leader said that did not give interviews before for being “low profile”, warned that the issue of signing the partnership with Traffic that will allow payment of R $3,750,000 in late the Ronaldinho will be resolved on Monday and did not believe that the shirt 10 stay out of the trip to Bolivia.

Image Rights and Gloves in Arrears
“The gloves are very few, are six players with gloves.  According to, these gloves shall be paid before departure in Potosí, the day 25, and this has been reported by me to cast. The Khadim is a case apart, the pending with it is longer, but is being settled gradually. We work in permanent contact with the people of the river”.

Ronaldinho and Signing With the Traffic
“The information I have from Rio de Janeiro that the issue with the Traffic is basically resolved, lack global understanding missing sign, that prevented and justified by the Traffic the non-payment of the contract. This question seems to be overcome and we trust that Ronaldo will travel to Bolivia. Because he is a player of Flamengo, has a contract until 2014, and that’s what governs the professional relationship of an athlete, the federal contract, not copyright.

Thiago Neves
“Let’s wait for the facts. Flamengo has made an official proposal, they even asked for bank guarantees. Have not responded. I haven’t seen until now, anywhere, a manifestation of the Club saying what is the future of the player. Flamengo is in this expectation, responsible, consistent, as it was last week when it reported that he was right in Flamengo and put a note on the official Club website denying the arrangement. We’re always in contact via Leo Rabello, and it ensures that the commitment stands. Has anyone seen Thiago Neves Fluminense talk? So it’s only fair that I trust the person with whom we are negotiating and has always been correct with us. In football things happen surprisingly often.

“We are working and within a very short time the Flemish will announce good news for our fans and that will be meaningful to complete the already excellent cast that we have, in my opinion. We are taking care to make these signings without undermining the chances of affirmation of young talent that we have in the group. We want to transform the Flamengo again in a club trainer, with a team full of players. Enjoyed watching the team that played the second half against the London”.