Different Wedding Reminders to Inspire You

The wedding is near and all the details for that special day are being arranged, however, a common doubt of several brides is the choice of wedding favors.

For many this task can be difficult, mainly due to the numerous options, because in this case it is necessary that the souvenirs are according to the party, objects and even with the profile of the engaged.

For ease of choice, we’ve separated some styles of party favors that can be used in your wedding, check out some tips below and see each style.

Different Wedding Souvenirs

For creative couples who love to innovate a souvenir option is a couple with a wreath bouquet all made in lego. This is an alternative for those who want to bring something innovative, creative and different.

For couples who are fans of music, one option is to give your guests a personalized music box with a melody of their own.

Another tip for the newlyweds who wish to please their guests is to make their different keepsakes with luck cookies and inside to put messages for their guests.

Another very different souvenir is to offer a kit to remove negative energies, inside the kit can put glass with thick salt, lavender, ribbons and etc.

Food Recipes

To please the palate of the mini paella guests with sweets, still the sweets can have traditional food formats a different and delicious alternative.

Since sweets always please guests, one option is to offer honey and candy in a pot, for example, potted cupcake is an excellent choice.

The traditional well-married can also be considered a good choice of different souvenirs. To calculate the quantity the ideal make of 2 to 3 units per guest, remembering that these types of candies can be part of the tables of the guests.