Different Types of Skirt Designs

Definitely there is a more feminine and charming piece as the full skirt. The model emerged in the 50s and despite being a classic piece did not stop in time, continuing to make the head of women and can compose and modern productions.

The full skirt is characterized by being a more structured model, which gives the feeling of movement and is generally used at the waist. Currently, a model that has done very successfully is the full skirt only at the bar, with frills.

This part can be used in almost all seasons of the year, since it has a wide range of fabrics, lengths and prints. In addition, it can be used both in a more casual event, such as a more chic party.

Being a model that ends up drawing attention to the region of the hip of women to create a certain volume, the skirt ends up being the favorite of the most thin and tall women, but who cheats think for that reason it is limited only to such body. By having a wide range of options, this piece can be used by any woman adapting to your body and always paying attention to what makes you feel more comfortable.

Types of Exit Round Fashion

Lisa and Short Length

This model is preferred the skinny, as it leaves the legs and to show by their length does not pass the thigh height. It can be found in various colors and fabrics such as chiffon, silk, linen, leather, among others.


This model has the cone shape, more Justinho up and opening as will coming to the bar. The models at the knee and midi are ideal for women with thick thighs and more plump. Nevertheless, Flared skirt suit all types of bodies. It is found in various lengths, colors and fabrics.

Frill at the Bar

Currently, the most commonly used model for famous. This skirt is fairly be characterized by the hip and the effect rotated only in bar. It is ideal for skinny and higher. They can be found in fabrics such as linen, fabric and leather. They are usually sold in lengths between short and above the knee.


In addition to the exit options, there are still dressed in skirt. They can be found in fabrics like lace, linen and leather. This type of dress can be found in flared models and ruffles at the bar.

Using Models Skirts Spins?

The tip when mounting your production with the full skirt is always use more adjusted to the body blouses, as the skirt creates a larger volume in the hip.

Romantic Production 

For a romantic production all skirts are indicated. Vale to invest in jackets, thin strap blouses, plain t-shirts or sleeve blouses long and buttons, can be stamped when used with more neutral colors skirts. The look is a charm with blouses inside the skirt and can be supplemented with half in the case of shorter skirts. There is still the option to choose dresses that have a skirt for this type of production. Feet, shoes, heel wedge or higher heels.

Production Rock and Roll 

For a look rock and roll leather skirts are the most suitable. To follow-shirts with band prints, music phrases with applications of studs, and leather jackets. Feet, shoes or boots.

Casual Production 

For a casual look ideal is to invest in short skirts long rounds of the medium, and may be colored or printed. At the top striped shirts, cropped or smooth. Feet, flat sandals, sneakers or tennis.

Formal Production 

For a formal look of work, the most suitable skirts are long below the knee, midi or long. They may be accompanied by button silk blouses, long sleeve or average blazers tailoring and smooth shirts of lighter fabrics and sober. Feet, higher heels or sneakers.