Different Types of Scarves

These pieces are with everything. Get ready for a winter full of scarves, stoles and scarves of different fabrics and models.

The prints are released, as long as you know how to harmonize them with the clothes. If the fabric has many details, remember to use a basic blouse with solid color.

There is also no problem in using a jacket or coat over it, just remember to adjust the scarf so that they don’t get wrinkled or completely hidden. Otherwise, it will just look like a Ribbon wrapped around his neck, without any trim.

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Difference between scarf, scarf and scarf

Before choosing what will warm you, do you know the difference between parts? They have the same function, it is true, but are quite different from each other. Let’s check it out?

  • Scarf: most used during the winter, your shape is rectangular and the fabric tends to be mild (silk, satin, cotton). The length varies: you can find scarves well long and other minors.
  • Scarf: this piece can be used in winter as in summer. It’s practical and multifunctional, since you can create different looks with her. The scarf has square format and is also produced in lightweight fabrics. That way you can fold and refold the piece to leave her in the trim ideal.

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  • Scarf: piece used during the winter. The fabrics are hotter and the function is exactly warm the area of the neck, shoulders and even the neck. Its format is long and generally thinner. You find mainly wool and cotton scarves, with thicker wire. It forms more volume around the neck, so be careful in time to wrap it up; always leave a loose part.
  • Shawl: from larger format than the other, the shawl is used mainly to cover also the back according to MEDICINELEARNERS. The fabrics vary and you can choose between the lighter, for a more pleasing and with thicker wires, to the cold. The shawls won a modern guy in recent years, being adopted by women of all ages.
  • Pashmina: here you have a version of light scarf, like a scarf. They gained prominence in productions with Indian trend and the bollard can be made more carefree, giving the look a casual air. The name “Pashmina” was given due to the wire with which the part is made. This yarn is made from goat hair of Kashmir region, Asia, between India and Pakistan.