Different Styles of Bras

Symbol of privacy, he began to exhibit in 1950, thus also becoming the emblem of a claimed femininity. Story.

2014 girl power

Printed bras on the dresses of the last parade Prada say a lot about the past of its creator, Miuccia Prada. Former communist activist, committed feminist, she wants her collection “encourages women to fight.” The silhouettes evoke the Women’s Lib sixties, music groups of the movement riot grrrl 1990s bra, emblem of the emancipation of women , seized again the street.

1990 chic provocative

During his tour as iconically shock, the Blond Ambition Tour, Madonna wears a corset with conical hats, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. It recycles and sublime elements borrowed from punk and bondage Culture, and gives them a subversive and ultrathéâtrale replay.Madonna and she imagines a character to the outrageous healthcpc.virusinc.org/klonopin/ sexuality , provocative and free.

1983 amazon SF

In Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Carrie Fisher, who plays the Princess Leia, requires her wardrobe sexier clothes. Result, it appears in a bra futuristic metal viscous monster chained to Jabba the Hutt, will kill in a blink of an eye, of course. Her bra is a warrior symbol, a form of armor.

1950 Marilyn measurements

The undoubted star of the fifties matter Culture pin-up in the chic Hollywood . Adorned with a sculptural bra, a split skirt and a turban, she spices up her outfit with a touch of Oriental dancer fashion belly. At the time of shell bras, tells his femininity experienced as a performance.