Designer Tote Bag

The New Tote Bags From Elyane Fiuza

Elyane Fiuza is a stylist from Paraná who has owned a brand of exclusive handbags that has been in business for more than 25 years. The latest innovation of the brand are the bags in the format bag, very practical and useful for the day to day looks. Check out in detail the models that are trend for this summer season:

The tote bags are rectangular and have medium-sized, sturdy shoulder straps, ideal for you who are looking for a sturdy, space-saving bag that is both beautiful, trendy and trendy at the same time. Everything is possible to find in the versions of Elyane Fiuza in its spring and summer 2015 collection, according to

In addition to the models cited above, the brand also features some versions of the trapeze bags with thinner and delicate handles, including options on chains with leather passed between the links. They are beautiful models to wear with summer looks, whether they are more relaxed or more elaborate and charming. There is a bag suitable for every taste, style or occasion.

One of the main characteristics of EF handbags is the technique used with leather, it is the tressê, a type of braided that intertwines leather straps forming a beautiful work. To ensure an even more beautiful result, Elyane Fiuza bets on the bicolor and tricolor tressê, mixing different colors for an elegant and original look.

The Elyane Fiuza tote bags come in a fairly neutral color scheme, with white, black, caramel, beige, copper, gold, green, navy blue colors.

The hint to hit with a tote bag style is whenever it is heavier, wear it on the shoulder or on the hand. Now, when carrying fewer belongings, bet on carrying your purse on your forearm, look beautiful and very elegant.

The tote bags of the new collection by the designer Elyane Fiuza are in a price range that ranges from $ 257 to $ 532. For you who prizes for good quality accessories and, in addition, modern style and original, is worth the investment .Find out more about the brand, its models and where to find it for sale by visiting the official website of the stylist at or the official page on the social network Facebook, at

Take advantage also to know the other models of handbags of the brand and its accessories, like the belts in leather of various styles, with models of varied buckles and incredible details.