Denon AH-C101, Ear Headphones For Urban Music

The Denon AH-C101 is a headphone audio -ear, of black and silver, enhanced by a blue strapping. With a length of about 1 m 35 (from the Jack Golden to the Atria) it has a compatible remote control, iPod, iPad and iPhone.

It is provided with 4 pairs of bits (a foam shape memory) and three in silicone, its user manual, and a small (rigid) carrying case. After several tries, I felt the best sound insulation with foam adapter, but each will have to find the one that works best for its morphology.

The AH-C101 is advertised by Denon as headphones for urban music, as computerdo says. From the album “Don’t cry for no. hipster” Ben Sidran, restitution is downward to the grave, with a medium-high indented. Without exaggeration however, there is not full of “Boom-boom” unsubtle restitution, but we feel that Jazz or classical music lovers are not the target at first by this helmet. Confirmed impression on the “Monteverdi: Sinfonia y complaints” of Leonardo Garcia-Alarcon, restitution is marked by a certain roundness and a balance generic lipitor price at walmart oriented low frequencies.

On the other hand, passing to the compilation Electro-Rap ElectroCypher, the sound personality of this headset finds her full employment, with support in the bass that is perfect for this style of music. The sound insulation, very good, contributes to immerse yourself in the sound stage. The DENON AH-C101 should also listen to Reggae and Dub, as I was able to check it on the “HeavyWeight Dub Champion” of the Scientists group, or the contribution of the bass is perfectly adapted to the heady repetition of the bass guitar lines. To enjoy fully your music, advice, feel free to turn tothe dedicated application offered by DENON and soberly named “audio Denon”, a reader complete Audio available for free on Apple and Android app stores.

The Denon AH-C101 is not the most versatile helmets, but its sound personality is perfectly adapted to the target public, namely fans of Rap, Reggae, Electro, dub, etc. If you’re more versed in classical music or jazz, his big brother theDENON AH-C250 will be most suitable.