Dell Introduces Wild Screens in Autumn’s Laptops

Dell’s XPS series focuses on impressive displays and renewed mechanics in this autumn’s laptop collection

Two new edge fix laptops and a new hybrid will represent the best in Dell’s autumn collection of XPS portable.

At least will be XPS 12, which will be a 2-in-1 solution that can both Act 4 k Windows tablet or stapled magnetically to a dedicated keyboard-dock.

Next news will be XPS 15, which inherits the little brother XPS 13 edge solve design, which makes the big screen can be crammed into a cabinet which is not greater than usual 14 inch ultrabooks.

XPS 13 and 15 – goes to the edge

XPS 15 therefore inherits the same exclusive metal casing and ultra book-look which characterized the XPS 13. Indevendigt mechanics will be increasingly ambitious depending on whether you choose the smallest and cheapest variant or investing in the expensive versions with sixth generation Core i7 quad-core from Intel and 15.6 inch 4 k-touch screen on 282 PPI.

With the target of 357 x 235 x 17 mm is the close to matching the dimensions from an Apple Macbook Air 13 “, however, 22 mm wider and 8 mm deeper. Emphasis will be on 1, 78kg for the smallest variant with 56 Wh battery, while the top model with 84 Wh battery will land at 2.0 kg. Battery reported to deliver up to 18 hours of operating time.

Game enthusiasts or others with large graphics needs can simultaneously configure XPS 15 with a Nvidia GTX 960 graphics with 2 GB GDDR RAM. XPS 15 comes with 8 or 16 GB of RAM and can ekviperes with either hard drive or PCI-e SSD up to 1 TB.

The smaller XPS 13 builds on the spring hit, by introducing the sixth generation Core processors to the family.

It remains Compact with its edge solve design and with the target of 304 x 200 x 15 mm fill it no more than a 11 inch ultra book. Topopløsningen is still at 3200 x 1800 pixels, but if you choose the lower Full HD Solution Dell now promises a operating time of up to 18 hours.

Official Danish prices is not disclosed yet, but starting at 999 u.s. dollars for 799 respectively and base versions. XPS 13 and 15 will get Danish sales start towards the end of november.

XPS 12 – a hybrid solution

With XPS 12 offers Dell technically on a tablet with a customized dock as included in the deal. Tablet section houses all the electronics and is available with up to 12.5 “with 4 k resolution, giving a record high pixel density of 352 PPI.

Forces delivered again by sixth generation Core from Intel, this time, however, in the power-efficient Core M-version, along with 8 GB RAM and up to 256 GB storage. Here, Dell battery can keep promises power up to 10 hours.

The whole package weighs no more than 794 grams and measuring 291 x 193 x 8.4 mm. Add the dock to, you get a full-sized keyboard and extra USB ports to work with C, while the weight is increased by 500 grams.

XPS 12 will have a later onset than his siblings, with an expected Danish sales start at the beginning of 2016. Danish price are not available yet, but will debut in the United States for $ 999.