Decorated the House: 3 Styles to Be Discovered

When you decide to furnish the House, be it a partial replacement of furniture or a radical change of our furniture, it is natural to look around and gather ideas, insights and inspiration. Today with the internet things are even easier and if it is the Interior there are 3 trends that could not meet in our searches.

Happens to me too …
In our daily activity of selection of home décor products to put in the catalog, we are ourselves at the forefront to trap styles and respond to the demand of our customers. For this if I had to nominate 3 types of furniture that in recent years have literally depopulated, I wouldn’t doubt it. This is the style Shabby Chic, Industrial and Colonial Ethnic.

As always, however, when you talk too much about a topic you are likely to get confused and in this article I would like to help you get your ideas about these 3 trends. This will help you understand how to use them to furnish your home and how to make the most of their features.

The Difference between Colonial Furniture Shabby Chic, Industrial and Ethnic

In practice I’d guide you through a quick description of the distinguished features of these 3 styles so that faced with these names in your head do not appear more question marks, but clear and precise images. It is only with a clear idea that you can get the most out of their environments and that’s my goal.

Shabby Chic Furniture: Scruffy and Lived

Give a second life to furniture that has a story is the effect that wants to produce this style. The idea of refurbishing forgotten furniture to the attic for resuscitating is the leitmotif of the style Shabby Chic. It doesn’t happen exactly in this way since new furniture are treated in such a way as to seem trashy and lived.

The literal meaning of the term Shabby is that of “scruffy”.

Tend to be light which give brightness to the environment and create with paint treatment used a feeling a hand painting was given to an old mobile, revealing the original painting. The final impression is exactly what we’re dealing with vintage furniture.

Rather than design style, it would be correct to speak of a treatment that acts primarily on painting. What for years we tried to avert it becomes what we try to achieve: dusty furniture with an aged effect is the perfect synthesis of a furniture Shabby Chic.

How Do I Use the Style Shabby Home?

Sideboards, coffee tables, dressers and chairs are design elements typically affected by this style. Obviously there are no limits to the imagination and your personal taste is the icing on the cake to personalize any room. Ideas and suggestions? Browse our catalog of products online and find the inspiration to revamp your home.

Industrial Furniture: Modern and Metropolitan

Accent furnish Industrial is another trend prevalent, but what is it exactly and what does “Industrial”?The approach is similar in some ways to that of the style Shabby — revive a second life to objects that belong to the past. In this case, however, this is not simple elements, but of work tools that are a second purpose. For this style the metal of the industrial age is predominant.

Modern and metropolitan are definitely the two adjectives that best describe the feeling that conveys the style Industrial. The simplicity of some elements of production typical of the factory creates a dramatic effect in our circles thanks to the contrast that produces with the rest of the furniture.

How Do I Use the Industrial Style at Home?

Some items lend themselves better to represent this style. It is mainly metal tables and chairs or beliefs, with a strong component of metallic components. [Browse our catalogue of furniture Industrial]

Colonial Ethnic Décor: a Mix of Cultures

Contamination and the mix of styles and cultures has gradually eased the spread of Colonial ethnic style. Today abundantly used in Italy is characterized by a fusion of elements that originate from countries and cultures apart from each other.

How did the ethnic style? It is said that it all began when travelers began to take home from their travels small items of furniture that were integrated in a natural way in the style of furniture is used, this has generated a real trend up to the present day where Colonial Ethnic style is produced specifically to generate that feeling without inconveniencing travel of the last century.

How Do I Use the Ethnic Colonial Style?

A bamboo coffee table or a wicker seat placed in the lounge is a classic example of using Ethnic Colonial furniture.
Integration may be partial – with a reminder that lives on only through a few items – the protagonist with a radical choice that involves the entire environment.

The right choice? Is yours alone and you can get an idea by browsing our catalogue, browsing through chairs, tables, dressers and more inspiration comes alone.

How Did You Decide to Decorate Your Favorite Corner of the House?

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