Decorate the Walls Without Making Holes

Either because we aren’t too handyman to say or because our contract States that we cannot do this type of changes on the walls, make holes in the wall to decorate some ornaments is something that many even you cannot be the head.

Then quiet, because you can be equally original in the decoration of your home without having to make use of the power drill. Would you like to know how? Pay attention to the ideas that we bring you today, some of them sure convince you!

The first of the ideas is the easiest of all, and you’ll even have to hang on the wall: the idea is to use some of the furniture of medium or high height to support about it some pictures or mirrors so that they give a touch of personality to stay in a modern and original. Yes, because this idea is to last… our grandmothers think they are pending to be hung!

There are, however, who prefer that the ornamentation is part of the space and not that looks like an extension of the Cabinet. In this sense we thought several practical ideas:

-Stickers and vynils: are these decorative wall stickers as described in room beautifying to decorate any wall of your home without a large investment of time and money. They are also very easy to apply and remove, and you can find them in a lot of different designs.

-Mirrors: Safe that you have seen in more than one bedroom, Hall or living room a cute combination of small mirrors without frame with the same forms (rectangular, square, round, etc.). As these mirrors, can be hung with a double sided tape, which will support its light weight without difficulty.

-Pictures: If you like the more traditional decorative choice for walls choose some light and small frames (canvas on a wooden deck base) without frame and hang them with velcro, adhesive or paste on your wall hangers. As with mirrors, best thing to do is to perform a combination of several parts.

– Panels of fabric: fabric panels will have to do yourself, are one of the most original and creative of all options. The only thing you have to do hang a rope from the top rung of the panel and hang it on a hook attached to the wall using a system of glue.