Daphne&Josephine: Vintage Style, Culture And Music

Did you know… There’s a kind of League of the dog lovers amongst the vintage labels and shops? We are, after all, editorial dog adorns Fareed from the beginning of our logo. And it is so even when Daphne & Josephine: This project is the name of two ravishing mops ladies. But even apart from this Daphne & Josephine is a remarkable place with loving and profound mind. It also can be sure in our 5 questions.

Daphne&Josephine Vintage Style, Culture And Music

Us Briefly Describes Your Vintage Download Daphne & Josephine

According to simplyyellowpages, the project “Daphne & Josephine” by Daniela and Claus-Peter Kettner is a platform for style, culture and music of the 1920s up 1950s. The shop in the Wahmstraße 62 in Lübeck is especially for the fashion and the lifestyle of this period. Clothing and accessories for men and women, originals and pieces in the retro look complemented by the development and design of your own garment and shoe models under the label “brilliant thieves”. A piano in the store? Various events form the cultural and musical part of the project, after work events with live music every month form the focus of different events with the themes of music and dance of the 1920s to 1950s, the prohibition ball “The Great Gatsby” and an annual ‘swing in the may’ in stylish venues with great ambience complete the ‘vision’ Daphne & Josephine, a vintage overall project just…

What Inspired You To Daphne & Josephine?

The concept of Daphne & Josephine is based on a 2-hour wait of the spouses Kettner on Vienna Airport, the increasing fear of flying of the family Board and the entire stock of Grand Marnier in the bar in the departure hall.Inspiration?

Sound film hit, swing music, dance, glamour of the 1920s to the time of the rock ‘ n roll, a way to agree to offer everything and to be able to share this lifestyle with others – what fits better as a location, a store that brings everything under one hat (!). As a small, beautiful vintage clothing Lädchen. Idea born! Name?

“Some like it hot”, “Some like it hot”, who do not like to remember als…genau the classic Billy Wilder with the unforgettable style icon Marilyn Monroe and the great Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis: Daphne & Josephine, the wife has become bass violin and saxophone, a working title was quickly found and was equal to the final naming. What names have the two Pugs, who every day look at the activities at the store from the Red sofa, but then of course.

Just Gerfragt: Why Vintage?

Everything comes and goes, changed, adapts, in music as in fashion.”Vintage” is the transmission of a time, a life sense of epochs in the present for us. That decided Daphne & Josephine for the period of the 1920s 1950s, is probably the main thing about this, that in particular the fashion, has an unbeatable elegance and erotic presence this time for women as well as for most of the men in that time seemingly affinity to cultural and fashionable flair is not yet lost.

What Is Your Musthave For The Women’s World And The Fashionable Men’s?

For the women’s and men’s are the (fashionable) principles that apply today as it was then: A self-confidence, things that like to present and to identify without teach. But also suggestions to give and show but tolerance to dissenters.

This is reflected in the Lady in the presentation of their outfits: stockings, dresses, beautiful shoes. Restrained but with the chutzpah necessary to show that you can even deny everyday without a customized daily uniform of jeans and sweater. Musthave here: according to the body mass choose the clothing type, flapper dress is not every lady

It is not easily made the Lords, worldliness (there the term as a noun at all?) to live. Good deals in the market are often scarce, shirt and vest but always goes. Headgear are tolerated again and well trimmed beards of every kind of popular. Musthave here: clean upscale footwear, please back  and it is how ever and ever: “After six only black”.

What Would Give Her Love To Our Readers?

Dear customers and clients: Should not yet Retrobegeisterte or fashion enthusiastic assessed the temptation can not resist and visit a “vintage store”, which is set to detail and endless time and run by the owners with great passion, motivation, love, we recommend to take everyday idiom of certain temporary distance. Here the list of the TOP 5 “NoGos” during visits to vintage (garment) shops:

  1. “Oh God that’s funny here!”
  2. “I will not dress up me but!”
  3. “When should I wear that?”
  4. “That looks so like from my grandma!”
  5. “Are the original pieces from the 1920s second hand?”

(Vintage Flaneur editors would still “it does in a different size?” add)

Soak up the atmosphere of another era. We can help you.

Alcohol is served during prohibition ball.

We give also swing dance class.

There is also striped. (Thank you, Vico von Bülow)

Greetings from Daphne&Josephine