Danish World Record in Data Transfer

Researchers from DTU Fotonik in Lyngby have set new world record in data transfer, which can give even more speed on the Internet.

A group of researchers from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby, has set new world record in data transfer, which in the long term, help to give more speed on the Internet.

High-speed Optical Communications Group (HSOC) has beaten the former world record from the Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie with addicts. The Germans managed to send 32 Terabits per second, with a single transmitter in the form of a laser.

It managed to send the entire 43 HSOC eta-i.org/cialis.html terabit on a second, among other things, using a new type of fiber, courtesy of the Japanese telecommunications giant NNT.

The new type fiber contains seven cores (glass threads) instead of a single, available in standard fibers.

Facts: 1 terabit = 1,000 gigabit = 1,000,000 megabits

Internet traffic increases annually by 40-50 percent, and the total CO2 emission is at about two percent of the total man-made emissions. That is why it is absolutely necessary that there is a solution that can reduce CO2 emissions, but at the same time increase the band width.