Cuckoo Wall Clocks Germany

You want to decorate the house with a craft object and which refers to ancient stories and legends? Come to the discovery of cuckoo clocks, highly original and ideal if you want to give the place character.

Cuckoo clock … a step back in time

The cuckoo clock is a particular type of clock used to measure the passage of time quite unique, able to signal the passage of time through the release of a bird from the case, all accompanied by the typical sound of the cuckoo. Its origins date back to 1600 and its peculiarities consisted of a metal pendulum swing. Cuckoo clocks are originating in Switzerland, and their invention is attributed to Franz Ketterer, a native German watchmaker of the Black Forest. From the twentieth century, the precision of the cuckoo clock was surpassed by those of quartz, although these remain much loved for their aesthetic beauty and peculiarity. Some models, in fact, are very fine and made ??of wood, and are considered as small works of art especially for the fact of being made ??by the skilled hands of artisans who run these models for generations and generations.

Cuckoo clocks furnishing

Cuckoo clocks are highly valued and used to give a touch of personality to a room. It’s very common to find cuckoo clocks in the chalets or in country houses, places where they fit perfectly and in which, together with the right furniture and home accessories such as pillows, lamps and tables are able to set the mood suitable for evenings of romance. Cuckoo clocks are perfect for the style environments country, rustic, antique and even shabby chic. Imagine coming home after a stressful working day and find yourself sipping a glass of wine near the fireplace, maybe sitting on the carpet in a dream setting: the tolling of a cuckoo at 8 o’clock, remind you that the roast beef accompanied by a delicious eggplant parmigiana in the oven just waiting to be enjoyed with phoenixwallclocks.

Cuckoo clock: all models

Owning of cuckoo clocks means to dive into the past, rich eras of symbols and traditions. In Germany and Switzerland the passion for cuckoo clocks has become a real tourist attraction in the heart of the Black Forest we have the “road of the cuckoo clock”, an itinerary that meets industries, laboratories, studios and museums dedicated to the most important German watchmakers. In the small town of Schonach, please visit the largest cuckoo clock in the world is a great watch almost as much as a house with a window from which comes out a large bird. There is an incredible variety of cuckoo clocks: fun patterns, traditional or innovative that give a personal touch to your home. Here is a small list of watches with different characteristics:

  • Cuckoo in classic style: it is the most widely known. Featuring wooden crate and the typical call of the cuckoo every 30 minutes. Obviously, you can choose different colors, night silencer and size of the dial;
  • Cuckoo Biergaten: are a tribute to the German breweries outdoor. At the sound of the cuckoo moves the bell on the roof, the driver and the drinkers of beer on the swing;
  • Cuckoo with fisherman: the fisherman moves to the song of the cuckoo, together with a group of dancers and a duck. Provided with Roman numerals and elegant furnishings.

And what do you expect? Be inspired by our site and choose cuckoo clocks, classic or modern, that you like! Love your home!