Crisp Top Phones

Full-HD display, LTE radio and powerful camera: At current high performance Smartphone quad-core processors are required. We have collected all tested Vierkerner and sort them according to their performance.

Granted, many cores under the mobile Cap does not necessarily ensure in practice multiple power. For example an OCTA-core CPU works in the WIKO Highway, but turns out the eight core CPU by the low-cost provider of Mediatek in the Test as a bitter disappointment. The main figure in the struggle to the Smartphone performance Crown is and remains Qualcomm. The manufacturer has his quad-core processors in several smartphones successfully housed-news the Snapdragon 801 in the HTC one M8, in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and in the Sony Xperia Z2. With the models of Snapdragon, the next generation is 805, 808, and 810 before the door. NVIDIA must not hide while high on paper, quantitatively the Tegra manufacturer but significantly behind Qualcomm is located. Four-and eight-core units seem to Samsung’s LTE problems permanently to South Korea to be banished.

Mobile Phone With Quad-Core Overview

Criticism of battery life or mediocre cameras the sharp phones need if and when please leave a sharp disappointment, we do not see the performance four nuts. In this always current photo gallery We all show Smartphones with quad-core CPU in the test. The large hard-core phones cost 500 euros and more – this time but it’s also much cheaper. Prove that top phones with premium CPU must be not expensive, especially the nexus phones. An example is the current Google’s Nexus 5. But other manufacturers have always priced more attractive alternatives with great facilities on offer.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Power Package In The Price Fall

Although it has a year on his mobile belt, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still a very good phone with long list of features. The Smartphone has a SoC by Qualcomm. The clocked here on 1.9 GHz quad-core chipset Snapdragon 600 does a good job in the Galaxy S4. The unit shipped with Android 4.2 plus Samsung UI can be up now anywhere update to Android 4.3, the next generation Android 4.4 is on the way. The other top features of the phone include the bright and 5-inch full HD display, the fast LTE wireless and long-lasting battery. The 13 megapixel camera take photos of perfect camera images in good light conditions, shows in the Test but weaknesses in the dark. You can ignore this flaw but because of the now favourable price. Free online trading you already order the power package from 335 EUR. The price of the Galaxy S4 originally was lush 650 euro.