Conventional Alarm Central Or Predictable? What’s the Best?

Central Alarm

The Alarm Center is the most important equipment of your alarm system, because it is through embedded resources in it that will be made as programming will work your security system.

It is the core of your system and it is important to know what is your project’s need to choose the correct central for you.

There are various options on the market with different characteristics and it is very common to get lost in choosing the central alarm among so many options.

In our article you will find out how to choose the best central alarm for your project, according to their needs, not to buy wrong.

You will meet several features that one can have and that way you will be able to choose the ideal Center, according to the resource you need.

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Conventional Alarm Central (Trackable, You Even Monitors)

There are two very different types of alarm Center. The first type is the auto-monitorável central, where you yourself are responsible for the security of your system. The other option is monitorable central, where security can be shared with a third party company that makes your alarm system monitoring.

Conventional Center is recommended for those who do not wish to employ a monitoring service or pay a monthly fee to do so. In this case, if you want to be informed about one shot is necessary to add a discadora book.

Advantages of conventional central:

No monthly fees;

Central alarm at a lower cost;

Easy installation.

Disadvantages of conventional central:

You will need a telephone line and a discadora if you want to be warned about the alarm clock via deluxeSurveillance;

Will have no battery status information from sensors etc;

You won’t have the help of a monitoring company to go to the location;

You don’t get the preventive maintenance of the equipment purchased.

Monitorable Alarm Central (A Security Firm Monitors)

The monitorable central is the best option for those who want to strengthen your alarm system, need advanced features and has the money to pay a monthly fee if you choose to hire a monitoring company.

Advantages of monitorable central:

12:00 am a day monitoring;

Support team to go to the location of the shooting;

Preventive maintenance of the equipment;

Battery status monitoring of sensors etc;

Enhanced security features, such as arming and disarming the central via smartphone, among other features.

Disadvantages of monitorable central:

Has a monthly fee if you hire in monitoring company;

Higher cost of equipment;

Installation requires specialized labor because it is difficult to schedule it alone.

Possible Features Of A Central Alarm

A central alarm can contain several advanced features. These features can be added in your central alarm or already come factory-bound. You should pay attention to identify in your project if there is a need for a central alarm with some special feature, because it can significantly increase the cost of the product according to the desired resource.

Among the various existing features, we can mention the main:

Phone Discadora to connect automatically to a number or multiple numbers of landline or mobile phone previously scheduled warning of fire.This warning can be (discadora by the way) or by a voice message (Voice Dialer);

Ethernet module to increase security in the event of loss of the telephone line, warning the clock monitoring via the internet;

GPRS module to increase security in the event of loss of phone line and internet loss, transmitting the firing to the central monitoring for data;

Division of sectors to identify the exact location of the invasion. You can tell if the blast came from the kitchen window or another sector;

Control via Mobile Application for Smartphone with various features such as arming and disarming the alarm Center by phone.

In our article you learned the difference between a conventional alarm central and a monitored alarm central and their advantages and disadvantages.

Discovered that there is a better than another, but that the best is the central central you meets and fits in your budget.

Also brought advanced features that one can have.

You must choose a central alarm from the resources necessary for your project.

You must identify what are the features that must be present in your alarm system and choose an answer to him. That’s the secret.

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