Constance Sections

Fishing In The Untersee
The submarine starts with the mouth of the Lake Rhine, the is in the up in the outflow of the Lake at Stein am Rhein continues in the flow channel of the so-called Rhine Lake on the southern edge of Lake Untersee. Northwest of the Zeller Lake between the Höri, Reichenau Island and the peninsula of Mettnau at Radolfzell joins. In Lake Zell, Aach, whose Aachquelle is fed from water from the Danube empties the Zeller. Separated from the Lake by a threshold between Mettnau and Reichenau is located east of the flattest part of the Lake, Lake grace. 

The submarine is the best part of Constance, if you’re keen on bass and CARP fish. General Schonmaße in the submarine are smaller than in the upper Lake, because once sexually mature, the fish are here thanks to the larger food offer, but the seasons are but slightly longer. On land fishing because of the many conservation areas is severely restricted; You can find good places, however, around the island of Reichenau. There’s also the option of going in a cottage of one of at least 20 Professional and part-time fishermen to stay and a good range of hotels, which are set to fishing tourists. Here it may be worth also once with the boat on the water to go out, to go with plucking rod and Coregone whitefish fishing.

Fishing On ÜBerlinger Lake
The western part of the upper lake is actually separated from this but by the Mainau threshold between Unteruhldingen and the island of Mainau, the Überlinger see. The Überlinger see is “only” up to 90m deep, but apart from some parts of the beach between Litzelstetten and Wallhausen and around Überlingen is characterized by steep banks. The lease waters of the island of Mainau join to the so-called Constance funnel which extends from the Rhine to the Hörnle, ranging to the steep cliff at Wallhausen. On the steep bank between Wallhausen and Bodman, as well as to worth between Billericay and Überlingen, also fishing from the shore is composed. However, it apply to go to some small protection zones. Lake Überlinger – expect depending on the season – with a good catch of eels, pike-perch, Pike, char and trout.

Fishing In The Lake Obersee
The shore area between the Meersburg and Hagnau belongs already to the actual upper lake. Here the banks drops to the dump and partially very steep. So that you can catch Trüschen here directly from the shore on the lake promenade and Harbour Pier in the spring with Donki. Near the shore in the vicinity of Friedrichshafen, the second largest city on Lake Constance, you start only eels and groupers. It is interesting then again in the estuary area of the river Schussen, where you can count also with Pike, walleye, and lake trout. Slightly further upstream can you happiness on babe, try Grayling and brown trout. Further to the East flows the ARGEn, a from the Westallgäu whitewater in the upper lake. Here is the catch with Coregone and Twister on a ramrod, or with the Coregone on whitefish worth. Occur in the ARGEn itself also mullet and trout. In the estuary area of the ARGEn dominate, however, Chub and other white fish. According to, you can find idyllic places to go fishing from the shore around the picturesque peninsula water Castle. In the area of the island of Lindau, the sport fishing, however, is subject to strong constraints, further East follow a nature reserve and a protection zone established for the walleye to the Austrian border. The Laiblach in the Lake empties right across the border. In the flat shore section around the mouth area of the Laiblach, there are good fishing grounds for all and Pike. The fishing opportunities are very limited in the city of Bregenz. Instead worth a detour in the Bregenz forest. In the wild waters of Bregenz and Dornbirn Aach, the fly fishing comes fully at its own expense!

Southwest of Bregenz, the fish area hard in the upper lake is located between Bregenz Aach and the mouth of the Alpenrhein. Here to catch a lake trout with some luck between January and may. Or walleye in June and July or between September and December. The best time to the Samlet fishing begins in May. In addition, Pike, perch, eel, whitefish, Lake Trout, rainbow trout, carp, tench, bream, Roach and redeyes are caught here regularly. In the Bregenz Aach itself and the new Rhine there including the brook trout, Grayling, Lake Trout, nose and barbel interesting target fish. Again big catfish taken ashore at the mouth of the Rhine. One has counted even 26 species of fish in the shallow Fussacher Bay, but the cormorants to here particularly bad fish stocks.

West of the old Rhine – the estuary is protected – the Swiss Lake Constance begins. West follow some smaller towns and larger cities, such as STAAD, Rohrschach and Romanshorn. The Swiss shore of the upper lake is largely flat. Accordingly you will start here mainly carp, Chub and other white fish species, but also Pike, perch, Zander, eel and Trüschen.