COMPUTER Image Test: Mobile Processors In The Performance Comparison

Mobile cpus work differently
The average mobile cpus measure just 1, 2 x 1, 2 cm, PC-chips, however, 4, 5 x 4, 3 cm. The components differ in their construction: Mobile processors are designed to process successively smaller chains of command. The user launches an app, the system loads only the basic functions. Only when the user activated special functions, reloading the smartphone or tablet PC. As a result it can be also with mobile cpus quickly work.

Mobile processors in the performance test

Total the mobile cpus are slower than about intel’s sandy bridge-processors for pcs – even though a direct comparison of pace due to the large differences between PC software and smartphone apps is hardly possible. The performance of the latest dual-core mobile CPU snapdragon S3, that sensation is used in the smartphone HTC, is about par with a netbook processor intel atom N550.

Ten mobile processors power compared

10 product samples that are the fastest cpus a must: Low power consumption

Still make greater demands on their manufacturer as PC processors mobile chips. For one, the CPU may consume little power, so that the battery of the device not already tuckered after a few hours. On the other hand, the processor during operation must remain cool. Active cooling when a PC is not in question: For the installation of a ventilator generic lipitor halts production smartphones and tablet pcs are too shallow.

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Greater electricity demand through more CPU cores?

The number of processor cores not the power consumption of a device can be also derived. While an a-core CPU ever uses the highest clock speed when playing HD movies (roughly a gigahertz), 500 megahertz range a zweikerner here. And with lower clock automatically reduce the operating voltage current cpus. Result: Zweikerner 500 megahertz to work much faster and consume about as much power as an einkerner in the one-gigahertz cycle.

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What the future brings

Currently developed the british chipmaker ARM cortex-A7 new processors. You should find catchment in future smartphones, and tablet pcs as main processors. The chips as a one -, two – and four-core versions are planned. Also NVIDIA is the development of the multi core processor: Recently the manufacturer presented the five core tegra 3. In addition to the four main nuclei, the chip has a ninja core. He jumps up, if the device is busy only minimally. The smartphone HTC edge and the tablet PC ASUS sharing transformer prime probably are the first devices that come with the multi-CPU on the market. (dd)