Combinations of the Female Denim Jacket

Today we will answer the questions of Roberta:

Hello Gustavo, I follow your blog daily and I love your posts! I have a serious question about the jackets jeans, know that the jeans are super high, but how can I match it?

It can be used with social and costumes tailoring pants? Which jeans more attuned, light or dark?

Thank you and congratulations!


Dear Roberta, thanks for the question and for joining us here on the blog!

The denim jacket is a versatile and can compose different looks, here are some tips:

-Floral dresses or printed (short or long). In this case, the jacket is an add-on that does not need to match the color of the dress. The accessories can be neutral or color present in the pattern.

Tailoring trousers, but without the pretension to be a very sophisticated look, since the jeans will break a little formality. Use black or white trousers with shirts and tops with the denim jacket on top. A nice accessory in metallic tones gives a special touch to this type of visual.

-The jeans darker and with more traditional wash is more democratic and better match with the evening occasions. Already the lighter shades with bold washes have a more informal and stripped, best for informal situations during the day.

-The combination with jeans jeans is dangerous and should not be made with the intention of forming “layette”. In this case, it is best that they are of different shades, preferably without washes very detonated. Can you imagine a whole torn jeans with a recess calling him Jacques strap full of washes, the same look? Over!

Other possibilities are: match the running shorts jeans (which in winter can via the pantyhose), blouse and skirt and leggings (in this case, there must always be a piece at the top whose length exceeds the hip line).

-Use the denim jacket with the sleeves folded or just as an overlay. It’s a nice piece to diversify very basic or traditional looks of your wardrobe.