Colorful Wedding Shoes

For most brides flowers, wishing to innovate in the production, the day of the wedding, you’re investing in a nice and fun colored pair of shoes? They are the perfect bet if you miss one color in your wedding look. Latest fashion, colorful wedding shoes are super high, both in bright colors and flashy, to bolder, brides who wish to cause that impact on the day, as the shades of pink or red, as much as the pastel colors, if you want to innovate but in a more discreet, such as peach, baby pink or gold.

Besides being trend, the colorful wedding shoe has the advantage leave the visual alegre and more relaxed, giving that extra touch of modernity to wedding dress, taking a bit of the seriousness of the visual.

However, you must have courage and a personality and style to go with that choice;and never fall into the trap of embarking on new sets, whether it is a more traditional wedding, just because it’s a trend, not to run the risk of becoming insecure and uncomfortable on their wedding day. Now, if you use colorful shoes was everything you wanted in your wedding, the tip is if you play and abuse the options.

The best colors of colored shoes for the bride are: strong colors (pink, turquoise blue, indigo blue, teal, purple, Eggplant and yellow); Discrete color (baby pink, baby blue, Golden, nude, pink, champagne).

Time to combine your colored shoe to look engaged, ideally the dress is slightly shorter, so that the shoe appear not only when you are sitting, but throughout the party and ceremony. The colored shoe should always match the bouquet, if your wedding bouquet is a color that attract attention.

But the bouquet does not need to be the same hue of the shoe, just needs to be the same tonal variances of footwear. If you get in doubt, opt for the classic white bouquet that blends with any color shoe option. And attention to tip: as the bride shoes already colorful concentrate all attention to itself, and the strength of your production, try not to load, for example, in Accessories, makeup, or even in the details and applications.