Colored Floor Lamps

If you want to give a touch of novelty and freshness to your home but also to outdoor spaces, the colored floor lamps are ideal for lighting design accessories all rooms. Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

Colorful Rainbow lighting floor lamps

Bright yellow, Orange, blue, pink, romantic, restful vitamin: all shades of the spectrum of light into your home. But how, you might ask! It’s obvious: with bright colored, floor lamps and an explosion of vitality for the kitchen, the living room and, why not, the bedroom. To break up with a kaleidoscope of multicolored lights the grayness of a lounge a bit off, nothing better than the colored floor lamps, a design detail that captures the attention, giving each room a whole new life. Perfect for creating fascinating contrasts within a minimal furniture black and white, who to further enrich a lounge-style Rainbow boho chic, colorful floor lamps will be that particular in addition able to give your home a special allure.

Floor lamps: lighting effects and design

In the design of each room lighting is always an important factor to which special attention must be dedicated, as remzfamily says. Ceiling fixtures, lampshades, colored floor lamps rather than classic or cccs: the choice is really difficult when you consider the wide range available. The colored floor lamps are a versatile and adaptable to manycontexts: for a touch of liveliness to a modern living or to give a bit of joy to the kids room. Placed next to a sofa with chaise longue, for example, the colored floor lamps can accompany pleasant hours reading when you are looking for a relaxing timein the evening, having returned after a long and stressful day at work. Innovative design and sophisticated modern shapes in materials: these are the characteristics thatmake it unique and original colored floor lamps.

Floor lamps: atmosphere for an evening outdoors

With the arrival of summer, the days are getting longer and temperatures rise more and more: the location perfect colored floor lamps then becomes the House’s outdoor area. Lightweight and easy to move, these accessories will become the real protagonists of the evenings with friends on the terrace: perfect to defuse the rattan living room or to add a splash of color to monochrome outdoor furniture. An interesting alternative are also colored floor lamps which, when needed, can be turned intogarden furniture and accessories such as vases, tables or chairs. With this solution colored floor lamps contain the same product with the convenience of two furnishing: a perfect space-saving alternative for those who are always tested by a few square meters available. Thanks to colorful floor lamps, sleek and modern, the garden will shine in a new light, literally.