Colonial Ethnic Decor: 3 Essential Elements

Colonial ethnic décor is alternate style to recreate at home an atmosphere rich in details that recall times of conquests.

You talk about it in this article giving you some practical ideas for use of ethnic style furniture and rethink the home décor in an original way.

What Is the Ethnic Décor?

But before we begin, you already know what is meant by ethnic décor?
This is a special type of furniture that harks back to a warm and exotic, born by the addition of specific souvenirs of travelers who years ago had the good fortune to travel the world.
These little pieces of furniture were included of course in furnishing present in the House of the traveler, adding some of that ethnic flavor of the places visited.

The characteristics of ethnic décor reside in the materials used in most wood of various styles, from Bamboo Teak Rattan.
All simple, functional furniture refers to the idea, with more attention to that at the finish and sophistication, but sturdy and comfortable at the same time.

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Among the hallmarks of ethnic décor also plays a crucial role, dominated by shades of wood, but also those of bright and vibrant colors that recall the African Lands or the nuances of India.
Finally, the prevalence of white color creates the current of the white colonial furnishings according to, which prefers clear and white furnishings.

The Variation of Colonial Furniture

Is there a specific niche of ethnic décor that is called colonial décor, with clear reference to the period of British’s colonization in America and French’s in African continent.
In this regard, the style incorporates the main features of the ethnic style, but adapted to the tastes and trends of the time in England and France, for a period that recalls nearly two centuries: from 1600 to 1800 about.

The result is a modern ethnic décor, warm and friendly, with typical elements of colonial Europe, but still keeping the mind suggestive of ethnic.

To understand the colonial décor, just think of the way it was implemented for the first time: English settlers, who arrived on the shores of the Americas to settle with their settlements, they found themselves having to rebuild the furniture was destroyed during the arduous journey.
Local materials were used accordingly with all the charms that could express, but customizing them with reasons or details of trends of the time at home.

Placement English Colonial Furniture

Once you understand the style colonial ethnic question is legitimate: what part of my home I can embellish with the colonial décor?
Since this is a special type of furniture, it is not easy to decorate the whole House with this style, that’s why indulge in just one room or a corner to be set up with colonial charm is a practical idea and accessible to everyone.

You can decorate a room, living room or even the study, taking advantage of design elements typical of this current, without even changing all that much the furniture already, but also enriched with characteristic details.

English Colonial Style Furniture Ideas

Once you have established what part of home furnishing in colonial style, we cut to the Chase: How do I decorate with this technique?
The basic idea is very simple, just add some elements of colonial ethnic leading a special touch, starting with seats and tables, passing for furniture and kitchen cabinets, and completing with the right accessories.

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English Colonial Furnishings Expressed with Seating

The first element to consider for your colonial style is the seats, which can be of different types depending on the environment in which they are located or the space available.

There are Rattan chairs that you can place in the lounge, with its distinctive twisted effect which gives the idea of a handmade object.

Or you could evaluate the placement of a colonial-style bench or a Chair that looks like a Rattan throne exotic, great for the White colonial furnishings, or a couch built with solid teak wood.

Ethnic Tables

Another object that can bring a breath of colonial ethnic in your House is undoubtedly a table or coffee table, be it square and in solid wood for your living room or a coffee table Rattan woven fiber saloon. You’ll make a great impression with friends, giving the idea of a décor that arrives from afar.

And if you really want to recreate a vintage feel of colonial type, you can’t miss a wooden acacia console!

Ethnic Style Furniture

Here we are to highlight ethnic furnishings: furniture and dressers.
To add a bit of ethnic to your home, nothing is more appropriate than a column of drawers compact and functional, reminiscent of the colorful Moroccan style along with the console table with two drawers.
And if that wasn’t enough, a belief is what suits you: with Oriental motifs and bright colors, or solid wood buffet style colonial, the choice is dictated only by your taste.

Oriental Accessories

Colonial ethnic décor, completed with an eye for detail, emphasizing the light and a special supplement.
In that regard, it reveals the use of appropriate ethnic lamps, like a round metal lantern or, for those who prefer wood, a woven Rattan lamp a little retro flavor.

But if you have enough room and would like to obtain two environments from a single room, there is nothing better than a wooden screen.