Collezione Primavera Estate Kocca

The Kokka Spring Summer 2015 has a romantic style, casual but chic, is painted in pastel colors. Various ideas for fashion victims.

Romantic style in pastel shades. Thus begins the new history spring summer narrated by Kokka.
Not one but more “characters” in history: anoraks, shorts in denim, large t-shirts, dresses with sleek silhouette and enhance the femininity strizzanti life.

Fashion victim’s list

A generic attribute and declinable for the whole collection, is sporty .
Do not miss the audacity of transparencies, technical fabrics, bustier structured. There is also the’ outfits suitable for the cocktail hour: floral prints and lace, colored powder or long dresses floating chiffon, these possible combinations or individual elements on which to focus. Fashion-en by Kokka Spring Summer 2015, to take stock, to know where to direct your attention:

  • Reliren knit, white, modern, semi-transparent (price 79,90 €)
  • tops Farann ​​end, gritty (price 39,90 €)
  • Muller total black short jacket (price 165 EUR)
  • dress Dyrell (169,90 EUR cost) and midi skirt fabric dubbed Lewarr (Price 119.90 EUR)
  • Enareth dress (price 129.90 EUR) white, light and perforated and Dymber shirt (cost 75 euro)
  • candy pink for sports shorts, a blouse Enyel (price 65 euro), sweatshirts and light duster coats in ultra modern technical fabric. glamorous
  • white and lime green, cool combination. The dress Kocca Nilweth (99.90 euro cost) and the jacket Tranann (price € 65) coupled to the skirt in the same color as they are
  • color mixed marsala old rose. The long dress Gaymay (Price 109.90 EUR) and the top Tinshell (costs 65 €), combined with the fancy pants Ulureth (price 65 euro)
  • pastel tones for the long dress Relmarr (Price 119.90 EUR) and wide skirt in Perarel hard tissue (cost € 139.90) with top Cirerr combined (price 45 €). Also noted the white dress billowing Nererr (price € 89.90) and Lewell suit (cost € 149.90) in light denim
  • floral prints on the jacket Gelber (Price 129.90 EUR) and sull’abito Alfber (cost € 99.90). In fact it’s printed on the jackets Alfell (price € 159.90) and Blue Cheneth (Price 149.90 EUR) and the yellow jacket Feyith (Price 149.90 EUR).

Urban, casual, chic: mixture by Kokka.

Pretty Chic . The spring summer collection 2015 in Kokka is a cocktail of vintage and contemporary, a peremptory force is contested by floral fantasy: primroses, daffodils and roses.
They play at the festival bell skirts, speak a language of vintage shorts high waist paired with top , soft sweaters and blouses, reflect the urban mood openwork fabrics used in a armhole, at heart bodices dresses and skirts, jackets approaching the reading and pants skinny give a practical touch, a ‘ allure for romantic floral dresses, flouncy or simple gathered at the waist with a belt, graceful pleated skirts, and again coordinated with shorts or knee-length skirt with a crop top , the jumpsuit denim according to Pharmacylib.

I those of pastel shades.

It’s a colorful world painted in white, black, denim blue, peach, light blue baby, lime, mint and powder. The collection ranges from silk to chiffon, cotton to the network, from jersey totweed , denim vest, from nylon lace. Clothing or put them follow straight lines, corolla, without losing fluidity.
It is striking mix and match of fabrics and garments: denim and linen, whose main fantasies are combined vintage designs to stripes and polka dots. The matching accessories are flat sandals dual band, leather thongs.