Coin Purse and Other Little Things

When I learned to sew my first patchwork quilt I felt the maximum! I thought that from then on I could sew everything, bags, wallets, everything by myself! Mere illusion … I was going to have to pick up a lot still with my broken needles, seams and seams. But one thing I could sew well and I had the biggest pride were the tissue bags! Besides being very easy to make them is fast, very versatile and has no people mistake! Seamstresses first-hand, it’s the tip!Can be used as necessaire, coin holder, trunk holder, bag organizer, afternoon snack door … Nothing like having an apple or stick in the bag for those occasions when the belly decides to announce that it is empty, mine at least does the biggest scandal!

Sachet with ribbon closure.This one is classic!I already posted some different models here on the blog.( This one and this one ).I will leave this option here for anyone who wants to try to sew.The step-by-step credits are from the 7layerstudio site, check it out here .

Bunny coin holder. For those who are sick of making the bags in the conventional way and are looking for something more creative, look at this tip! This one is already on my list of things to sew! The credits of the PAP are from the blog Lilblueboo, check here .

Seamless leather bag. This one everybody can do! You will only need a leather circle, a little string to close and only! Very easy to do! But who wants to see the step-by-step blog between the lines, just click here .