Clothing from Home

Strong > homewear, style tips for a flawless look also between the domestic walls. For Yes, but with style, especially if we share the House with a man. Here are all the tips to style for those who spend a lot of time at home without neglect yourself.

You spend some time at home, for example women involved in telework, tend to neglect yourself, although work in my Pajamas and wool socks seems to be the most beautiful thing in the world. In the long run, however, this kind of attitude can affect our appearance and become unpleasant for the person with whom we live. Our companion may not feel more attracted to dark circles and Marky, so here are our picks of style to be impeccable at home, where they usually wear comfortable clothes and comfortable.

Generally, the women in the House, what almost statistic, oscillate between two opposites and extremes: on the one hand, the typical woman thinking that nobody sees a bit of sloppiness, wearing pretty much what happen and why the suit has become a sort of second skin. On the other hand there is the female super glamorous, that even when it is in home alone, never gives up in an outfit that glamour and lipstick. The right compromise, in fact, is just halfway.

For Yes, but with style. Okay, but we avoid the oversized tracksuit, and rather than wear a pair of wool socks or slippers, we try to give us a tone with a colorful tennis shoe or a pair of Ugg. Leave aside the stolen oversize sweaters in my closet for him and try to wear something more close-fitting, which perhaps brings out the life.

In theory, any boss falls for our attention, you should always wear something that can hold even to go shopping or to pay a visit to the post, an outfit that we might as well show off when we are not at home, although for obvious reasons I usually avoid doing so.

If you are particularly hostile to sports wear, nothing prevents you from wearing a pair of leggings or jeans in stretch fabric with a comfortable or just oversize: in this case, if the pants are tight, we can also focus on volumes. Treated hair: just a bun or ponytail, combined with cover dark circles and one coat of blush, and you’re done!

You should never put aside her femininity, not even among the home, even if we are alone in the House, especially if we work at home.