Clothing and Economy

Clothing and economy go hand in hand in many ways and because most of our readers are young and students and thus not use gold cards in any significant way, it might be interesting with some reflections on the value of a piece of clothing. What is cheap, affordable or acceptable is very individual.

Part of our work is about imparting knowledge to men more widely to determine this themselves. As it stands today is, for instance, men more than women inclined to spend money on a cosmetic product that has no proven effect. The price is perceived as a mark of quality, which is only part of the truth.

When you stand in the store with an item in your hand that you really want, the problem is partly solved. You want the garment, but is it really worth the money? Whether a garment is affordable or not depends in part on your own idea of the garment and about quality, but perhaps most of all on How often you will be able to use it. When we judge that something is affordable build our equation precisely on this and that is why we can say that a pair of shoes or a coat for several thousand are worth their price.

Right outer garments can, provided that you do not quickly get bored of them, used at least three-four years. A coat or jacket you also use virtually every day when in season, which means that the price per use are quite low. The same is true for the shoes and most accessories.

A sweater, however, tend to wear faster and can feel passé much earlier.Equivalent time for use maybe then is one to two years, while at the same time you can use it at most every two weeks for failing to recognize the surroundings that you wear the same garments repeatedly.Equivalent time for a t-shirt can be as little as a year, while a shirt can be used over several years.

According to, for a student with around 7000 kronor to move with per month, there may be room for a little over a thousand to clothing,  such as shirts, jeans and blouses,  and accessories.Spread over a month, it will be just over $3.00 a day, which requires certain priorities when you shop. Focus on the basics that can be used in many combinations and accessories that you use often, so each garment can also get cost a little more. Basic garments, you can read more about in our series the closet.